The Wonder Kingdom


This is a fun, casual, light-hearted story about two crazy kids who met on the Internet, fell in love, got married, and moved away to begin their new life together. The beginning of their relationship was shrouded in fear and anxiety (see backstory below), but now they are free to live the life they always wanted. Join Devan and Leliana on their journey into married life, parenthood, and whatever else life throws at them.

This is the most different story I’ve written yet! It has no plot and is 100% game driven minus one minor subplot. It will be written in a variety of styles. Some chapters will be written in the character’s voices and others will be narrated in 3rd person. Some chapters will have multiple voices! Basically, I write the chapters the way I feel would fit the mood. I’m also casually writing this one, so no seasons and no schedule. The characters are game conscious which means their reality exists inside the bounds of the game unlike all my other stories which exist in a pseudo real life world. This is different from being game aware because they aren’t aware they are part of the game. The elements of the game are their reality.


Devan Holmes was a creative, spunky child born to a spare in the Pruett legacy. Leliana Frenlore was a wonder child. They met as teenagers on the Internet by way of the pen pal location service. They were very pleased to find out that they were close in age and shared many common interests. Needless to say, they became quite smitten with each other. However, Leliana discovered that the government planned to do something really evil with her once she completed the program. They actually abducted her at her 18th birthday party. Thankfully, she escaped by building a wormhole which she programmed to take her to Devan’s world. She stayed with his family, and they started dating. However, she felt as though she was being watched and thought the government was planning to take her back to complete their evil plan. She shared these feelings with Devan, and they crafted a perfect escape plan. He proposed to her, they got married, went on their honeymoon, and never came back. Was the government really after her, or was it PTSD? We will never know!