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Can’t get enough of Juliana and friends? Would you like to discover more about the story? Do you enjoy peeking behind the scenes? You’re in the right place! Watch this space for “director’s cuts,” videos of Jes2G reading select chapters, and other requests from the readers. Do you have a question about the story, the characters or want to know more about how the story is created? Send them via email! Visit the contact page and send your questions, or add them in the comments below.


Director’s Cuts

Keviana’s first date was going to be the beginning of a world-wind romance! They met as shown in chapters 14 and 21, and Kevin asked if he could call her. They spoke via phone off-camera and developed feelings for each other before he would have asked her out in chapter 40.

Shortly after Keviana’s first date, Juliana starts missing her lessons with Harriett to hang out with Kevin.

Hillary’s jealousy of Juliana ran deep and caused a rift in their friendship for quite some time. In one version of the story, Harriett had been sick for a while, and Hillary tried to keep Juliana away from her. Harriett ended up in the hospital but was discharged. The family was in and out of the house, and Juliana felt out of place. That caused her to turn to Kevin more. However, the fear of losing her mother made Hillary realize how fragile life was, and she made up with Juliana and Jase. In another version of the story, Harriett died, and Hillary still tried to keep Juliana away, but the rest of the family told her she was being harsh.

When Hillary makes up with Jase after her mother’s brush with death, he declares his love for her, and she is finally open to receive it.

On Kevin and Harold’s fishing date, he asked Harold for Juliana’s hand. Harold was honored he asked him in her father's absence. They got married and eventually opened the art gallery together.

The family did not appreciate Harriett leaving the library to Juliana. Their relationships with each other became even more estranged.

Hillary was going to start dating jerks again after the big fight with Jase. This was going to make it even more difficult to determine who her child's father was.

Harriett was going to die after the art gallery opened. Juliana would have been married and more settled in her life by this point, and she probably would not have struggled with it as much.

The grand opening of the art gallery had been the last chapter in all versions of the story except the current one.

Originally, Kevin got a pool of investors to build the art gallery.

Harold noticed Hillary was quite unhappy for a long time and asked her what was going on. He tells her she needs to find a nice gentleman like Kevin. She was confused because she didn’t think he wanted her to be happy. She told him she didn’t deserve a gentleman. When he asked why, she said, “It’s just like you said. Nobody wants a fat whale like me.” She says something similar in a different exchange between them in the season 3 premier.

Jase knew about Harriett’s death and was there for Hillary despite their friendship being in shambles. She began to come around very slowly. She wouldn’t fully accept him until the grand opening which was going to be the moment of closure for the readers in the last chapter.

Because Juliana and Kevin would have been married before the end of the story, their moment of closure in the last chapter would be Kevin expressing a desire to have children.

Kevin and Juliana went on many dates, but they had not kissed, and he never invited her to his house. They were never alone together, and Juliana wanted their relationship to be romantic. She asked if she could see his house a few times, but he would dodge the question. Finally, he could no longer escape and gave her the tour that Harriett got in the current version of the story. Juliana asked him to kiss her, and he did.

Jesse is an alien!!

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