Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp


Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp is a The Sims 4 reality show. Six contestants will be selected from a pool of applicants and invited to participate in a 4 week weight loss challenge. The contestants will be coached by celebrity trainer Brady Pruett and his wife, Viviana. She is also the resident chef, nurse, and counselor. During the 4 weeks, the contestants will be competing in a series of challenges. The winner of the challenges will receive great benefits such as immunity, a phone call home, cash, or prizes. Each week, contestants will be evaluated, and the audience will choose which one will leave. The contestant with the least amount of votes will leave The Lodge.

Apart from trying to lose as much weight as possible, here is what the contestants will be competing for:

Grand prize:  Motherlode, Jr. Solar System Trophy, and a shopping spree.

Second place:  §25,000 and a photoshoot

Third place:  A home gym


Meet the Cast:

Brady Pruett – Celebrity Trainer
05-16-15_3-59 PM-4


Viviana Harmon – Fitness Trainer and Registered Nurse

05-16-15_4-07 PM-3


Host, Nutritionist, and Fitness Coach – Sugar Maple Bough

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Meet the Contestants:

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