Sugar Maple Bough

shugMansion Baron, body-builder, musical genius: this former child-prodigy has done it all. You might think that someone who’s accomplished in her youth as much as Sugar Maple Bough has would be full of herself. But while Sugar exudes self-confidence, she is not one to boast.

“All it takes is focus and dedication,” she’s fond of saying. “We work with what we have, and out of that, we become the best that we can be. Life’s not a competition. It’s a practice.”

This might be the attitude of a warrior, but it’s worked for Sugar, who applies her down-to-earth knowledge of nutrition and physical fitness with her creative nature as a musician. This combination of the practical with the artistic results in a unique charisma.

Sugar Maple Bough may not be your typical “runway healthy” spokesmodel, but she is here to show viewers and participants that beauty can also come from internal strength and dedication.

(Sugar Maple comes from CathyTea’s Goofy Legacy)