Viviana Harmon

viv-longShe may always have a smile on her face, and she may look sweet…but don’t mess with Viv. She is as serious as they come. Viviana Harmon 05-16-15_4-10 PM-14met celebrity trainer Brady Pruett at the gym in the beginning of his training days. She was a thin young woman, but her dream was to become a bodybuilder. She had been to several gyms before and trained with a few trainers, but they all laughed at her and told her that she would never have the muscle mass to compete. They said she was just too skinny. She didn’t give up, though. She moved to Willow Creek and met with Pruett. He took her on and worked with her until her goals were met. Not only did she build the muscle, but she competed in and won several competitions!

Harmon is Pruett’s pride and joy as she was his first consistent client as well as his first successful client. But, Harmon and Pruett had more in common than just fitness. Their checkered pasts and desire for normal family drew them together into a deeper friendship, and eventually they married. They have three beautiful children together. Harmon still trains with Pruett at home despite the fact that she is licensed to mentor others now. Her motto is you’re never too experienced to learn something new.

In addition to being a certified trainer, Harmon is also a registered nurse. She plans to marry her love for fitness and medicine and focus on sports medicine.

Many Harmon fans have noted that she is never without a pair of classic pumps. When asked about it, she said that every one of her outfits minus her pajamas and workout clothes include a pair of pumps. “I just love them,” she said.