Keeping Up with the Joneses


Things aren’t what they seem in the Courtyard Lane neighborhood of Willow Creek. The seemingly quiet, middle class neighborhood is wrought with secrets, pretentiousness, and envy. It all started the day the Jones family moved in.


As you can see, this is a neighborhood rotation! Each household will be played for a week (Sunday to Saturday). I’m not following any specific rules for this, however, there is one specific thing I will do. Twice a week, the household must visit a community lot. While they are there, they will be completely autonomous! That should be interesting…especially with the MC Command Center mod! Now, this may be difficult to do with the entire household as the majority of the characters are members of clubs. I may not make the entire family go each time twice a week. I’ll look at whims and see who wants to hang out with their clubs, and when things get stale, I’ll send them all out. Look for those things to begin on the second rotation because I kind of forgot to do this the first time around.