Generation 1

Xavier Pruett: The Pre-story

My mom always told me I was hard-headed. I don't agree. I say I am determined--ambitious even! I know what ...
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Chapter 1: New Life

The first couple of days after I left home were life changing--and not in a good way. I didn't go ...
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Chapter 2: Better

I was very diligent in my work, and got several promotions that came with nice bonuses. Every paycheck I got ...
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Chapter 3: Diamond in the Rough

I tried to have a focused conversation with Stella, but we were both in such a silly mood, all we ...
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Chapter 4: I Hate My Life

I decided to throw a birthday party for myself and invite the few people I know. It was so nice ...
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Chapter 5: Silver Linings

I recognized that the pain in my heart something I was just going to have to learn how to deal ...
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