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Good morning. Guess what! Pruett Family Legacy made it through the first round of voting and is one of seven stories up for vote for Maxis’ Story of the Month Club! Well, they haven’t actually done it every month, but that’s what that section of the website is called. Our friend, CathyTea, was the winner of the winter edition! The voting closes on May 8, and me and my fellow nominees would love to have as many votes as possible! It’s going a bit slow right now. So, if you’re a registered user of The Official The Sims Forums, then we’d appreciate you checking it out and voting! Browse through the stories and see which one you like the best and vote for it. Brady, Alayna, and all the Pruetts would appreciate your vote, of course, but may the best story win!



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  • Yay! Please vote everyone! All the nominated stories are FANTASTIC (you already know how great Pruetts is! AMAZING!). The storytellers at EA forums are really hoping that a lot of people vote as a show of support for Sims Storytelling. You know you love Sims stories–now let EA know how much you love them by sharing your vote! 🙂

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