The Best Mothers

Now that Aria has arrived, I must work to accentuate my cooking skills by learning to bake! All the best mothers bake! I’ll begin with something easy such as brownies from a box mix. When I have increased my baking acumen, I will revisit this recipe and learn to make it from scratch.

Let’s see…pour box contents into a mixing bowl. Ok! Whoa…that’s powdery. *cough* What’s next…pour one cup of tepid water into bowl…tepid water? What is that? Hopefully regular water will do!

08-31-15_10_17 PM


Note to self:  find this special tepid water! Next…stir carefully until mixture is smooth.

08-31-15_10_17 PM-2

Piece of cake. Now…pour mixture into baking pan and place in pre-heated oven for 25 minutes.

[25 minutes later…]

“Oh yes! I am Leliana Fr–Holmes, Wonder Queen of the Wonder Kingdom, mother, and now baker extraordinaire!”


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