The Clock is Ticking

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At 3:30, River and Melody finally heard the cries of their baby. They named him Stefan Isaiah Pitts. Holding him in his arms, River felt that there was nothing in the world he wouldn’t do for him. Nothing. If he and his mother were really in danger, River was gonna put a stop to it–even if it meant he would have to lie and live a double life.

Stefan had a few guests come and welcome him into the world. River’s new friends from the bar came by to say hello. They weren’t juiced this time, but they were still a crazy, rowdy bunch. Eric went on and on about how the wallpaper was too girly for a boy’s room despite the fact that yellow is a socially acceptable neutral color. Don was well behaved–just like he said he would be. Aden was especially enamored with Stefan. River thought it was sweet, but he definitely wanted to get to know him better–all of them. It was a quick visit, and the happy little family got some time to spend together.

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“Go ahead and say it. I know you want to,” River said.

“I was right about him! Maybe you’ll get your girl next time.”

“So, there’s gonna be a next time,” he asked amorously.

“Of course! And…maybe a time after that?”

“I can’t wait,” he said and pulled her close to him.

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“Ummm,” she said awkwardly, “sure you can!”

She tried not to let him get too close, but he was hard to resist.

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In between kisses, she said, “I just had a baby…Riv…are you trying to give Stefan a sister now?”

“I wouldn’t do that to you,” he said as he tore himself away from her.

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“You are beautiful,” he said as he admired her. “And our son is beautiful. We’re going to have a beautiful life. I’m gonna go for a jog, ok?”

“All right. Don’t be too long.”

“I won’t.”

At 5:30, River left the house to jog around the block. For just ten minutes, he forgot about his moral dilemma. All he thought about was his new son, beautiful wife, and what life as a parent will be like. Ten minutes. Then he turned the corner.

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He saw Guy up ahead walking his way. Maybe he’s just out for a stroll, he thought. Nobody strolls in a sports jacket and fedora! He’s looking for me. When River was just in front of him, Guy said, “Library 8:00,” and kept walking. River finished his run and went home. It was about 7:20. Melody was feeding Stefan.

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“I’m gonna take a shower and go out for a while, bae.”

“But you just got back.”

“I know. I’m sorry. There’s something I need to do.”

“Fine. Whatever.”

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