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jessHey. I’m Jessica. I’m what you call a SimSelf. Often times, people who play The Sims create a Sim who looks and acts like them…as much as a Sim can. That Sim is called a SimSelf. I am Jes2G’s digital mini me. I’ll let you all be the judge on how much we look alike, or not.

I am also what you call “game aware.” There is a community of Sims and SimSelves who have broken the fourth wall and are aware that we are just digital beings consisting of mere zeroes and ones in a digital world created for us by way of a video game called The Sims 4. Some Sims are bothered by it after learning this information. Some are freed by it. I don’t really care. I’ve never known anything else. I’m just glad that I exist and can do whatever it is I wish to do.

Not only am I Jes2G’s SimSelf, I am also the president, CEO, CIO, CFO, marketing director, and whatever other positions are open at J2G Enterprises! What is that? It’s my company! It is the parent company of the J2G Network: the hottest new network on SimCast. That’s our cable company. That’s right…I’m getting into the TV business! Not only TV, but all forms of media. Jes2G has been kind enough to give us some of her webspace to get us going. She’s such a great player! She also got us this incredible house and built us a SICK studio!! I’ll show it to you sometime…what’s that? Who is we? Oh! Sorry. I should introduce you to my sisters! Yes…I have sisters. Jes2G is ummm…let’s just say she’s a bit particular about…well…everything! Anyway…us Sims can only have three personality traits. I hear in the previous version of the game we had five! What gives? She is a very, ummm, interesting person, and she found it hard to create one SimSelf that totally captured her essence. That’s how I got sisters. She create three other SimSelves who have traits which describe other aspects of her.


Meet Jes2Geek. Some of you know her already as she likes to hack Jes2G’s forum account and go on and on about geek stuff, leaving her signature “Jes2Geek was here.” Sheesh. You just can’t take some folks anywhere! Her traits are geek, goofball, and clumsy. Yep…she thinks she’s pretty funny. She’s the causal one of the bunch. She loves to wear jeans and cargo pants, sneakers, and a comfortable shirt. She rocks the orange just as much…actually, more than Jes2G does. I break out the orange every now and then. Geek is a know-it-all, but not like the smart alek kind. She just gets very passionate about what she knows. And when she gets passionate, she gets very animated. I hope she meets someone she can geek out with. We have no idea what she’s talking about half the time.


This is Jes2Gourmet. If their names started with Jes2B instead of G, her name would definitely be Jes2Bourgois! Her traits are snob, perfectionist, and neat. She is a fancy Nancy. Jes2G isn’t really fancy, but she enjoys fancy things and fancy places. I think Jes2Gourmet is taking the fancy part of her personality too seriously. Everything she wears is black, and the only accent color she uses is white because (and I quote) black and white are the most elegant colors on earth. You should see her bedroom–black and white of course. Even her set in my studio is mostly black and white. She enjoys fine dining, but she can’t actually cook. Poor thing. I am the cook in our house as the resident foodie so I make sure we have a variety of well cooked meals. Gourmet is also neat, as I said. I think she’s more of a germophobe than a Sim who enjoys cleanliness. Can’t take her anywhere either! And the perfectionism? Please. Nuff said.


The only sister I have that will not embarrass me in public–well, if I choose to go in public–is my sweet, innocent lamb, Jes2Gentle. She is cheerful, good, and  creative. Oh yes…she is a sweetheart. Very kind. She would consider giving you the shirt off her back, but then she’d be nude, so she’ll take you to the store and buy you a shirt instead. Gentle is the most positive of us all. She is the peace keeper when we bicker and fight. Sometimes she gets on our nerves with the niceness, but we love her for it.

You could call my sisters game aware, but Gourmet and Gentle don’t totally get it. Geek gets too technical with it, so I try to explain in simple terms, but they still don’t get it. Most of the time I end up saying “it’s magic.” Oh. I haven’t told you about myself. I am a foodie, as I mentioned, a music lover, and a loner. That’s why I prefer to be behind the scenes rather than on camera like my sisters. We’re all planning shows for them too. It’s gonna be great. You’ll see me on camera from time to time though. So…there you have it…Jes2G’s SimSelves and the J2G Network. I’ll be back soon with more updates!

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