The Old Pruett Estate

Hi folks! Happy new year! 🙂

One of my most favorite readers requested that I create this video, so how could I not? Her question was about the size of the rooms in the estate. She said that in the screenshots, the rooms looked quite spacious and wanted to see how big they were. I originally recorded this back in December, but I forgot to post it. He he, sorry! But when I finally looked at it, I saw that the recording was crap and threw it away. However, I had to go back to an old save from July to get the old estate back. So, pardon the old decor and what not. It’s the best I could do. Without further ado, I give you the old Pruett Estate!  I’ll do a tour of the new one when the story officially ends.

Pruett Family Legacy After Party!

2 thoughts on “The Old Pruett Estate”

  • That was so neat! Thanks for doing the top-down, and it was cool to be able to see live where you position yourself for screenshots. I think my bedrooms are about the same size as yours, so it’s not always that the rooms are giant; you’ve also got mad pic-taking skills! 🙂 Love Alayna’s sad lemon painting.. haha.

    • Ha ha! I like that one too. Sometimes when I’m in a crunch, like if they are near the camera or something, I’ll zoom out just a little. You know kinda like saying “back up off me!” LOL, but not too much though or it will begin to look distorted.

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