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Devan’s studio equipment finally arrived! Well, actually it arrived a few days ago, but he wouldn’t let me see it until it was all setup. When he finally got everything up and running, he took us all to the gallery to see it. This was also the first time the girls had been there since it has been painted and floors down. Their faces were priceless when they walked through the door.

After they had finished raving over how beautiful it was, Devan ushered us all upstairs. I must admit to being just as giddy as they were!

02-18-16_11_44_25 PM

We were even more excited when he suggested that we try it out! I do not quite understand why we love to be photographed so much, but it was definitely the highlight of our day. I let the girls go first while I watched my handsome man work. I swear to the Watcher above…I have never been so in love with this man! Watching him work the camera, adjusting lights, telling the girls where to stand…he was so into it! I could see the passion in his eyes! It was very attractive.

02-18-16_11_46_22 PM

02-18-16_11_48_09 PM

After I took a few pictures of the girls, I told them to step aside let Leliana get some camera action. I have no idea what they started arguing about, but they were definitely acting up. I didn’t hear what they were saying because my beautiful wife stole my attention. I swear…the more money I make, the more outfits she and the girls have! I don’t mind though. A good looking family makes a man look even more successful than he already is.

02-18-16_11_50_23 PM

This woman loves the camera! I feel like women in general love taking pictures, but Leliana is a ham for sure…and the camera loves her too. Gosh she’s beautiful! My wife has always been a firecracker, but there is something different about her when she puts on a dress, heels, and makeup. She’s even more sassy and daring…it’s so attractive!

I took, like, a million shots of my lady, but then she wanted to take a picture of me. I didn’t think that was necessary, and of course I wasn’t too sure about her handling my equipment, but she insisted seeing as how there are barely any photographs of me at home. I obliged her.

02-18-16_11_57_52 PM

I made sure to hit her with my sexy model pose. Maybe she’ll want to meet me in the closet later…

02-18-16_11_59_23 PM

Wonder Kingdom - Photo Op
Wrapped: The Wonder Kingdom

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