Too Many Women

I’ve been running again.

10-13-15_8_50_59 PM

We got the same douche bag doctor, and he still laughed at me!

10-13-15_8_57_26 PM

Yeah…the other guy was there too. I suppose I’ll be nice to him. He’s just trying to do his job.


I just wanted to kiss my new baby without any comment from the peanut gallery.

10-13-15_8_58_21 PM

I’m not feeling my odds here. There’s too many women in my house. Maybe we should have another and see if we get a boy…

“Hello, Princess Sophia! My, how lovely you are!”

10-13-15_8_58_59 PM

“Our little kingdom is shaping up quite nicely, if I may say so…and I do say so.”

10-13-15_8_59_37 PM

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