Week 1 Vote Results

Tonight, on Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp, you voted and you decided who will be leaving The Lodge! Who will it be? Find out right now!

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Brady:  I just want to say that all six of you have put in a fantastic amount of work this week. You should be proud of yourselves.

Viviana:  I know it’s cliche, but you’re all winners in my book. Anyone who has the courage to come here and do what you’ve done so far is a winner. Even if you are the one to go home, you won’t be going home in vain. You’ve started something new in your life, and I hope that you will continue it.

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Sugar:  Thank you, Brady and Viviana. Ok! Let’s get down to it. When I call your name, please join me.

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Grant:  I am SO glad I’m safe this week. I wonder what the names are. Are they safe? Are they going home? She’s really milking this thing!

Sugar:  Nico Battle.

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Sugar:  Acacia Bough.

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Sugar:  Both of you are safe. You’re excused.

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Grant:  Wow! Two great contenders! This competition just got reeeeeally steep!

Sugar:  Jayda Pollard.

07-11-15_2_07 PM

Sugar:  Alex Hamm

07-11-15_2_08 PM

Sugar:  Braylon Skinner

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Sugar:  One of you is not safe. Brady, before we send one of these awesome people home, can you please say a few words about each of them?

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Brady:  Absolutely. I know that only one of you are going home, but all of you will eventually go home whether it is next week or at the end of this show. Alex, you’ve got guts! I admire you for coming on this show when everyone told you that you didn’t belong here. And when you leave here, you’re going to start a legacy? Coming from a legacy family, I understand what that means, and you my friend are a brave and awesome dude. Braylon, you are so sweet! You determination is infectious. When you leave here, I know you will be a stronger, more focused woman. Jayda…you’re just amazing. I mean, you could seriously hurt yourself doing what you’re doing, but you are determined to try hard anyway. That’s what it takes to reach your goals! You have to go for it with abandon! When you leave here, and go home to your husband and children, they will see that you came home even more amazing than when you left.

Sugar:  Thank you, Brady. Jayda…you are……………………..not………………..going home!

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Sugar:  Alex…………………………you are going home.

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Alex:  It’s cool. I’m just glad I was able to get some tips from Brady while I could. I’ll be as big as him in no time! I’ll invite you all to my wedding…he he he.

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Brady:  I love your attitude, Alex. You’re right! Good luck to you.

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Everyone in The Lodge said goodbye to Alex and wished him well before he went upstairs to collect his things.

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Next time on Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp, everyone is talking about Alex’s departure and how they felt about the vote!

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