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It’s finally here! The new, shiny website is here! Don’t you just love that new website smell? Thank you all so much for your patience, especially the Discovering Juliana and F.I.S.H. fans who have gone more than a month without a new chapter to enjoy! You guys are amazing, and I love you! I hope the next chapters (next week!) will be worth the wait.

New websites are exciting and fun, but not without challenges. Because I have combined all my sites into one, that means, a.) you’ll receive more updates than you have in the past, and, b.) you’ll receive different types of updates. So not to blow up everyone’s inbox with multiple updates, I’ve come up with a schedule. This will also help if you only want to read a certain story or only the blog posts. I’ve been threatening to put myself on a schedule for months now, but now it’s absolutely necessary. So, here is when you can expect stories to be published:

Mondays – Pruett Family Legacy

Tuesdays – Blog Post and/or News

Wednesdays – Discovering Juliana

Thursdays – Blog Post and/or News

Fridays – F.I.S.H. ( F.I.S.H. Fridays! I love alliteration 🙂 )

Now…I know what you’re thinking. This does not mean you can expect a Pruett chapter every Monday, or a blog post every Tuesday and Thursday. When there is an update, you can expect to see them on these days :-). Not gonna get trapped like that! :-p When I add new stories, I’ll adjust the schedule and probably add Saturday and Sunday, but for now, I think this works out perfectly.

I’m currently looking into some sort of subscription service in case you all really feel that you want to customize which updates you get, but I haven’t found anything I like yet. Running my own website is fun and totally feeds my inner control freak, but this is completely new for me and I halfway know what I’m doing lol. So, if anyone has any suggestions for anything, let me know, and I’ll consider it.

I hope you’re enjoying the new site! Please say hello and let me know what you think about it. Leave a comment, or use the contact form to email me. Enjoy!

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