What’s in a Name?

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“…but why do we have to go with your mother’s name,” Devan argued. “What about my mother’s name? And what if it’s a boy?”

“My parents are dead! Yours may still be living! I just want to honor them!”

“Ok. How about this? We don’t use any of our parents’ names and come up with something creative…like Aria.”

“Fine,” Leliana conceded.

They ate in silence. Aria finished her dinner first and made an announcement. “I’m going to play the violin!”

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Her parents were very proud of her—especially her mother. Aria was so anxious to get started, she promptly washed the dishes and dragged her mother upstairs to her room for a lesson. Leliana looked forward to it, but the baby wasn’t having it.

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Aria wasn’t a natural like Leliana was, but she knew in time—and with lots of practice—she would be quite good. If only she weren’t so sick.

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4 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?”

  • That is one thing I am thankful for not having children, I know both sides would want the child to represent them via their names and that would be entirely too much drama!! Yay for Aria learning the violin she will be GREAT 😉

  • Lol oh my grandmother had a fit that neither of her first two granddaughters were named after her (so me and my cousin). Luckily, along came another girl and my sister who both honor her middle name. Naming babies is no joke lol! With Leliana teaching Aria, I’m sure she’ll get better in no time!

    • Oh yes. She’ll be fabulous. Man…of course when you think about your future kids, no one thinks about these things! I hope my husband doesn’t have a mom or grandma like that! lol

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