Who Needs a Dishwasher When You Have Kids?

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You know the nice thing about having kids? They love to do the dishes! If I would have known I could just leave my dishes out and they would be gone in a few hours, I could have saved 600 simoleons on a dishwasher. Well, no I couldn’t. Then would have had to wash them by hand before Ari came along. She’s nice to have around. The only thing is, she’s always around! Can’t I just have a half hour free with my beautiful wife sometimes?


And she always want to go to that dang park! What does she think the monkey bars in the backyard are for? I put them there so I wouldn’t have to keep walking her down the street to the park! She may be like me, but we’re not the same. Maybe our next kid will be lazy like me. Speaking of which, while I was trying to talk Ari out of going to the park, Leliana wasn’t looking too good.

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She said she could use some fresh air, so guess where we all went? Uh huh. I brought my camera with me to get some pictures of them while we were out. Gotta make the best of it somehow, right? When we got back, Leliana confirmed our suspicions and announced that she was pregnant again.

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Aria’s Unicorn
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2 thoughts on “Who Needs a Dishwasher When You Have Kids?”

  • OH SNAP!! a NooBoo!! Good heavens sims procreate like rabbits LOL!! Also, what did he think having kids wouldnt mean work? Lol guys crack me up “She is there all the time!” hahahaha

    • LOL, I know right? Those darn whims! He just wants to have some uninterrupted alone time with his lady, poor guy lol. At least the kid will have a playmate now!

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