Who’s the Boss?

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“So, how long is this going to take,” Jes2Gourmet asked.

“You’re unemployed, and there are no salons in the game. What exactly are we keeping you from,” I asked.

“Don’t hate because my life is more fabulous than yours!”

“Anyway…let’s just get started. Ummm…Geek? Don’t you want to join us down here?”

“Nah. You girlie girlies get too emotional. I’m fine down here next to the door.”

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“Fine. Ok! First of all, I’d just like to say that I appreciate you all being here. Well, you don’t have a choice, really, but I still appreciate your presence. When I get some real help, you won’t be needed as much, but I’d still appreciate your presence. I’m just so glad to be here finally! Are you ladies excited too??”

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“Of course we are, Jessica…right, Gourmet,” Jes2Gentle asked.

“Yeah, yeah, sure. When do we get to the part about our shows,” Jes2Gourmet asked.

“In due time, Gourmet. In due time. Ok! Let’s get this show on the road, shall we? As you all know, we will now be managing Jes2G’s stories on our network, so we need to do the best job at maintaining the excellence she’s already set forth. Luckily for us, she’s agreed to stay on as the chief writer, producer, editor, and everything else, so we will not need to secure any additional staff for those stories, and they will keep their current time slots until they go off the air. Any questions?”

“Ok, good. Speaking of time slots…there is some exciting news brewing on Pruett Family Legacy! I say we shift time a bit so we can get to this exciting news faster. What do you think?”

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“People do love their Pruetts,” Gourmet said. “I love them too. What did you have in mind?”

“Well, let’s say we temporarily increase the number of chapters that come out per week so it takes a shorter amount of time to get ‘there.’ I’m thinking we add in Thursdays and Saturdays.”

“Ummm…doesn’t this defeat the purpose of having a schedule anyway? I thought we were trying not to burn people out,” Jes2Geek interjected.

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“It’s not like they’re coming out daily,” I said. “Just two more per week. I think it will be fine. I mean, not that this show has a problem with ratings, but it could even boost the ratings a bit. And, like I said, it’s only temporary and during the month of June. Oooh! We could make it a ‘thing’ you know, like, call it…call it “Summer of Family Fun,” or something!”

“I like it,” Jes2Gentle said.

“And you know I’ll never quench the Pruetts,” added Jes2Gourmet.

“It’s settled then! Starting the next chapter which just so happens to be June 1, a new chapter will come on on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays until July 2 when a special chapter will be released and the schedule goes back to normal. Ok, Discovering Juliana’s ratings remain strong although not as high as the Pruetts. But, then again, the legacy market has the biggest population, and that show is still fairly new. All in all, I don’t see a need to mess with it. F.I.S.H. is in a niche market, and I would venture to say that it’s audience will remain quite small. If Jes2G doesn’t tighten up and get to the point soon, we may need to reevaluate that contract.”

“Can we do that,” Jes2Geek asked.

“Do what?”

“Fire Jes2G! I mean, isn’t she in charge?”

“I mean…ultimately, yes, but the network is mine! And if she isn’t doing a good job, then even she is subject to disciplinary action. Moving on! Speaking of Jes2G…we have been urged to bring on a brand new show!”

“Aww, come on, Jess! What about our shows,” Jes2Gourmet yelled. “We’ve been waiting, like, like two months for this!”

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“Come on, guys! You’re not seeing the big picture! This is a golden opportunity for us! We’re in the TV business. We have to be strategic to make it big in television.”

“So, what’s the big picture, Jessica,” Jes2Gentle asked.

“We need a show like this to grow our audience for us quickly! This show will bring with it a ready-made, devoted fan base. We need to build our platform on them. There’s like ten people who know who we are. If we do your shows first, they won’t be popular like they should be. So, we use the popularity of this new show to our advantage! You see?”

“See ladies…all that time she spends alone she gets 39 steps ahead of us. Never doubt a loner,” Jes2Geek joked.

“Thanks, Geek. So…are we all agreed that this is what we need to do?”

“Yes,” the Jes2Gs said.

“Good! And, of course, we don’t have to wait until this new show is over to do yours. We can do it simultaneously, but the new show needs to get off the ground first.”

“What is this new show,” Jes2Gentle asked.

“It’s a reality show called Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp. It’s going to be the second Pruett alternate reality story.”

“But, didn’t you say that those alternate reality stories are for a niche audience which is really small? How is this going to be different,” Jes2Geek asked.

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“Great question, Geek! It’ll be different because it’s a reality show! Reality shows usually have some sort of audience participation driving them, so the fans should be engaged and excited about watching from week to week.”

“I love Brady,” Jes2Gourmet. “Most people do.”

“Right, so we are being strongly urged to get this show off the ground as soon as possible. I’m meeting with Brady and Viviana’s lawyer next week to finalize their contract. We also need a host to narrate the show. Whoever this person is will be employed by the network, so I’ll be interviewing those candidates. We also need to get the word out to the community so we can get contestants!”

“How many will there be,” Jes2Gourmet asked.

“Six. Brady and Viv will hand select six out of the pool of applicants before the season premiere. So, because this is so urgent, I asked Jes2G to help seeing as how we’re a bit understaffed at the moment. She already has that part of the website set up. All we need to do is spread the word! Questions?”

“You’re doing an excellent job, Jessica,” Jes2Gentle applauded.

“Yes! This is so exciting,” Jes2Gourmet shouted and joined in the applause.


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[sigh] …see what I mean…emotional! I’m gonna need some pancakes after this.

The Jes2Gs

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  • I think it’s cool the way you decided to share this new information. I’m so excited to get more of the Pruett’s and I’m looking forward to Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp. Do the contestants have to be severely obese or just fat?

    • Heeeeey! Have I been missing your updates again?? I’ve been missing the Sloanes. Anyway, the contestants can be however you want them to be. I’ll take them in all shapes and sizes! Because we can’t gauge how much weight they’ve lost, you guys will have to choose who you like based on attitude, effort, etc.

  • This is so fun! I really love all these Jesses! I especially want to hang with Geek and Gentle. And, wow! You’ve got such business and marketing acumen! You’re Jes2Genius! 🙂

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