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Over the next few days, we did exactly what I said we were gonna do! We enjoyed each other (which means I had a lot of cupcakes, he he), we spent time working on our skills and hobbies, and we enjoyed our brand new house all without any interruptions, and it was great.

I’m not gonna lie…at first, it was awkward. She lived with us back home for a little while, so it wasn’t that we had to get used to being in each other’s space. It was just weird being alone with her. Don’t get me wrong! I love having my lady all to myself with all the privacy I want, but…I dunno. Maybe it’s because I’m used to loud, crowded households. Silence is foreign to me. It makes me hungry…

08-28-15_11_15 PM

I love our new house! It is so perfect! It could stand to be updated a little, but we can do all of that in time. I love spending time with my handsome man! Spending the rest of my life with him make the decisions to leave my family and run from the government all worth while. I am finally happy and getting everything I ever wanted!

08-29-15_12_02 AM

Devan does not want to have children right now, and that is ok. However, I am Leliana Fren–I mean Holmes, Wonder Queen of the Wonder Kingdom, and I will have what I want! He just needs a bit of convincing. Luckily for me, he’s been…ummm…he’s been enjoying his marital privileges a lot! I am not quite sure what has gotten into him. He wasn’t this way on the honeymoon. Maybe it is because he has returned to work and misses me. I am not complaining! It grants more opportunities for me to turn Woo Hoo into Try for a Baby! In the meantime, I will allow him to think that I am complying with his plan.

I think Devan is sad and misses his family sometimes. He does not say anything, but I can tell.

I miss them too at times. I cannot imagine what this must be like for him. I left my family too, but my parents had already died. I left my annoying little brothers behind. I love them though. I am sure they are doing just fine on their own. But, Devan left behind an entire life! Parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and a very rich family history! Sometimes I feel bad for making him leave all of that. But, in those quiet times when we’re eating or watching TV, and he looks across at me…

…(sigh) I know he’s happy!

I have been working on my cooking skills so I can provide delicious, nutritious meals for our family.

Because I am a genius, and he is the king in this kingdom, I took it upon myself to make sure he is mentally prepared to rule.

I still give him astronomy lessons as well.

Although we each have our own unique set of skills that we hone apart from each other, the creativity that we share creates many opportunities for us to enjoy things together like music…

and, we were inspired to start something new together!

08-29-15_12_04 AM

It is so lovely to do things together.

While Devan is away at work, I work on upgrading all of our plumbing, appliances, and electronics. Speaking of Devan at work, he finally got that promotion he had been looking forward to for so long! I am so proud of my handsome man. Not only did he get the promotion, but also it allowed him to complete his aspiration! I wonder what he will focus on next.

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