Joneses – 1.2 Advice Needed

Monday afternoon, the residents of Rindle Rose received a visitor. They weren’t the most popular household in the neighborhood, so they were always startled when someone knocked on the door. India was getting ready for work, so her son—Lester—answered the door.

“Oh…it’s you, Mr. Pancakes. Are you carpooling with my mom tonight?”

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“No. We’re not on the same shift anymore.”

“Oh. Ok then. You wanna come in or something?”

“No. I just came by to ask you to remind her about the meeting next week…Eliza sent me.”

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Lester slapped his stomach and laughed. “You’re whipped, Mr. Pancakes.”

That wasn’t the first time Bob had been accused of that. “I enjoy a peaceful house, kid. So, tell your mom about the meeting. Bye.” He turned around and began to leave.

“Wait, Mr. Pancakes!”

A confused Bob turned around to see what the child wanted.

“You’re married,” Lester said, “so you have to know something about girls, right?”

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Bob wasn’t sure if he was supposed to be flattered or insulted. However, he enjoyed the feeling of being needed so he obliged the kid.

Lester sat down in one of the chairs on the porch and began to ask all his questions. “What did you say to Miss Eliza to get her to go out with you? Did you ever feel like she was too good for you? Did she ever turn you down? What did you do?”

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Bob felt a bit uneasy with the sudden barrage of questions. “Uhhh…shouldn’t you discuss this with your dad?”

“Meh,” Lester said and swatted at Bob. “He’s always busy. That’s the only reason my mom got custody of me.”

Bob felt sorry for the young man and thought he would throw him a bone. “Well…just be yourself.”

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“Be myself? Can’t you see that’s the problem? Look at me! I’m not exactly a chick magnet here.”

“Well…uhhh…honesty is the best policy,” Bob said. It was the only thing he could pull out of his hat at the time.

“Maybe I’d just better talk to my dad…when he has time for me.”

Mary Jones from across the street joined them in hopes to speak with India. “Good afternoon, gentlemen! It’s a lovely evening to be sitting out here, isn’t it?”

“Well, yeah…if you like bees flying your face all the time,” Lester said.

Mrs. Jones laughed. “You’re such a silly young man! Tell me, have you seen my husband today?”

“Uhhh, no. You wanna come in and ask my mom?”

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“Why thank you, sweet boy! He’s a bit late and I thought he may be visiting with someone, and you’re just across the street. It was an easy first stop.”

“Ok, yeah whatever. You coming in too, Mr. Pancakes?”

“No. I need to go to the other house. Mrs. Jones, we’re having an association meeting at our house next Tuesday at 7:00. Please come.”

“Oh that sounds delightful! We will be there. Thank you, Bob!”

“You’re welcome. Have a good night, y’all,” Bob said.

“Bye, Mr. Pancakes. After you, Mrs. Jones.”

“Thank you kindly,” Mary said.

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