10.1 The Curtain Call

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Just as Skyla suspected, she didn’t go into labor until the next morning around 8:00. Jonathan was glad to see that Katlin was the doctor. The Pruetts had been so used to Viviana being the family’s doctor for so long. At least Katlin was sort of related to them—she and Emerson are still happily together, but they haven’t gotten married yet and probably never will.

Jonathan did not immediately go home the previous night. He meandered around Newcrest in shock over everything he had just learned. Skyla was worried about him when he didn’t return home at a decent hour. She knew things didn’t go well. He would have rushed right home if they had. When he finally arrived home–just a few hours before she went into labor–she was certain that he received bad news. He would have come home excited and yammering on about it if it went well. She knew that in time, in some way, he would confirm what she already knew.

“I love you,” she said trying to bring his thoughts to the present moment. She leaned forward and pressed her lips against his cheek. “Are you happy?” It was a question that required thought. It’s near impossible to be emotional and rational at the same time, and she knew this.

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He thought about it. His life had not gone the way he expected, and he was not happy about that. But, as he felt her soft lips against his skin and caught a glimpse of their beautiful baby over her shoulder, he decided that they were enough to define the happiness in his life. “Of course I am. I’m thrilled!”

“I’m glad. I’m gonna leave you two alone and go wash up.”

Skyla exited the room, and Jonathan walked over to the bassinet and took a look at his little creation who was smiling back at him. When he picked up the baby, and a wave of new emotions washed over him.

“Hey, sweetie… Daddy didn’t have a good night last night… Daddy realized he had been a fool and ruined everything. But, you’re here now, and all I want to do is make sure you’re safe and loved. You’re gonna grow up sooooo much differently from me, but I know that somehow, your life will be way more spectacular than mine. Everything is going to be just fine.”

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Please welcome to the stage, Maya Pruett!

10.2 We Can Begin Again

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