3D: Bathroom for Everyone

Over the next two days, the Pruetts adjusted to pregnancy life as much as possible. Mostly, that meant being thrown out of the bathroom at any given time to make way for Skyla’s morning sickness.

“I’m sorry, sweetness!”
“I’ll just, uhhh…pee when I get to school…”

Skyla painted like mad to ensure their budget remained intact after the move. Jonathan found a house they agreed upon after a few heated arguments. Skyla thought it was beautiful and perfect but way too expensive. They would have to spend all the money they saved for the restaurant and almost all the money they had in their discretionary spending budget. It didn’t make her feel safe, she said. After he told her there wasn’t another house like it at that price–which was actually quite fair–and promised that everything would be fine with the budget, she caved and agreed to get the house. He couldn’t wait to tell the girls when they got home. Aubrey arrived first and Maya an hour later. He gathered them in the living room once more to give them the news. As he described the house, the girls got even more excited about moving.

“…and get this,” he shouted. “Everyone will have their own bathroom!”

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