3D – Julio

Aubrey had a group of friends she had recently begun hanging out with. There was Garrison Flannagan whom she’d rather not have in the group, but he’s friends of friends. Technically, he is a very distant cousin of hers, but she doesn’t know that. He is Holly Pruett‘s grandson. He thought he was so handsome and was constantly taking selfies and talking about how charming he was. His vanity turned Aubrey’s stomach.

Then there was Sharon Munch-Mumbach. She was sorta kinda on her family tree by marriage. Her father’s cousin, Derek, married a woman with a child, Sharon. Once her father died, Derek adopted her and gave her his name, but she wanted to keep her father’s name too.

Her two other friends were from Windenburg, and she loved their accents. Their names were Keegan Faust and Kacey Capricciosa. She kinda felt sorry for Keegan because he and his little brother lived on their own. Their mother died shortly after they moved here, so Keegan had a few jobs to make ends meet. He rarely got any free time, but she always made sure to invite him.

Kacey’s home wasn’t that whole either. Her parents were never together, and she was born with her mother’s name. Her father, Hugo Villareal, moved to Oasis Springs when she was young, and so she lived with her mother until she died. Then she had to emigrate to live with her father. She’s afraid he’s going to die soon too.

Finally, there was her bestie, Julio Corleonesi. She swore to everyone that they were just friends, but she couldn’t help finding him to be attractive.

One evening, the crew was hanging out–Keegan was fortunate enough to join them–and Garrison sat next to her. She was totally hoping Julio would, but he wasn’t fast enough. Sharon knew she didn’t care for him and constantly teased her about it and never came to her rescue.

She loved to look at his face. He had long, beautiful lashes, perfect teeth to go with that million dollar smile, and those gray eyes. She could stare into the all day. Sometimes they would stare at each other. Sharon hated that and constantly teased them.

“Ok,” she yelled. “If you guys are going to make googly eyes at each other all night, I’m out!”

“Yeah, me too,” Garrison said.

“You guys,” Aubrey yelled. “Wait! We haven’t had any fun yet!”

“Oh…I’m sure you two will make your own fun,” Sharon said. “Peace out!”

Aubrey didn’t put up too much of a fight, and they left. She and Julio took advantage of the alone time and sat together.

“What are you thinking about over there?” he asked.

She sighed. “I was just thinking about my dad.”

“Is he ok?”

“Oh yeah…but…you’re my best friend! I hate that I have to hide you from him! Why can’t we just tell him and get it over with? I don’t always want to hangout with everyone just to see you outside of school! What was so bad between our dads??”

He shrugged. “My butler knows, but she says she won’t tell me until after my birthday.”

“Ugh! This sucks! I’m beginning not to care about what he’s gonna think. It’s not fair for whatever happened to still be affecting us!”

“Yeah. So… What are you gonna do?”

“I don’t know.”

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