3D – Parental Guidance Suggested

When Maya got home from her date, she was glad no one was up waiting for her and went straight to bed. All night she dreamed of Akira’s luscious lips. He took her all around San Myshuno, and they made out everywhere. When she woke up, she was happy and rested. Her parents were already eating breakfast when she got out of the shower. She greeted them cheerfully.

“Good morning, pumpkin.”

Jonathan attempted to ask her about her date right away, but Skyla intervened. She said she saw Juliette at the restaurant and wanted to know what she said about the baby. That got him going for a while, and Maya was happy for the intervention. She ate her breakfast sandwiched between her parents and listened to their banter. As much as she wanted to be grown and sexy, sometimes the only thing she needed in life was the love and care from her parents. Although she knew she needed to get a move on beginning a career, she was in no hurry. Real adult life could wait a bit.

When Skyla could no longer thwart his attempts to address Maya, she readied herself for the questions and gushing that was to come.

“Soooo,” he began, “How was your date?”

She thought it was strange that it was her father who was the instigator and her mother who was the cautious one. It was probably from his romantic side. He was just an expressive, gushy kind of guy in general who loved love and everything related to love. Perhaps he wanted that for her too.

She wasn’t quite sure how to answer or what they wanted to know. She went with, “It was cool.”

Her parents spoke at the same time. Jonathan asked if she kissed him, and Skyla wanted to know what he was like. Maya simply laughed at their inquisitiveness.

“She can learn about him later,” he said. “Right now she needs to know if there’s a spark…especially if she’s thinking about leaving her boyfriend over this.”

Skyla gasped. “Don’t tell her that! She needs to know if he’s a good person. Then she can see if there are sparks.”

“Ok, yeah, that’s true, but sparks keep it interesting and compel you to find out more.”

It was like watching a tennis match going on between her parents’ conflicting advice and was interesting to watch. Listening to them gave her a unique perspective she never had before.

“So, you’re saying you only pursued me because of sparks?” Skyla asked.

“Of course not. But, I certainly had them. Heh, I had fireworks, cannons, all of it!” He wiggled his eyebrows. “You had sparks too, remember? You couldn’t even remember your​ own name!”

Maya turned to her mother. “You forgot your name for real?”

She blushed and shrugged.

“Awww! That’s so cute, mom.”

“SO, now that we have established that sparks are important,” he winked at his wife, “did you kiss him?”

Skyla didn’t seem to enjoy the question. Maya knew her mother was more traditional than her father and probably didn’t think kissing on the first date was appropriate. But, she couldn’t help it. She felt it. She had to kiss him.

“Have you made a decision about Anthony?” Skyla asked.

Well, that was a party killer. She lowered her head like she had done something wrong and said no.

“Don’t you think you need to?”

“Yeah,” Maya said in a whiny voice. “Eventually?”

“Do you want to keep seeing this guy?”


“You don’t think Anthony should know? Especially if his birthday is in a couple of days?”

“I guess,” she said sheepishly.

“I think so too. He’ll be even more heartbroken if he finds out from someone else, or worse, he could run into you guys somewhere!”

“Fine, mom! I’ll talk to him!”

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