7.13 Alone at Last

Sunday afternoon, the day after Melody’s courageous expedition, the triplets were getting a bit antsy. Luckily for them–and their parents–Harley Jean decided to pick them up and take them to her house to play with Justin. She also invited Brianna so Alayna would have another little girl to play with.

Play date with the cousins
You don’t want to play with him, Justin. He uses the force!

Back at the Pruett Estate, Lance and Myra, were basking in their empty house. It had been a very long time since they were alone with each other. Lance ran up to his wife, embraced her and held her for a very long time.

01-01-15_12-50 PM

“Hi. My name is Lance. I think we used to be a couple or something.”

“Yeah…you look a bit familiar. We dated, right?”

“Oh! No, I remember now! We’re married!”

“Ohhhh, riiiiight. I was wondering about this beautiful rock on my finger.”

“I CANNOT believe we are in this house by ourselves. It’s a miracle.”

01-01-15_12-48 PM

“So…how do you think we should spend our time,” Myra flirted.

“OOH! How about we get out of the house? We’ll make it a date! We’ll dance, drink juice…it’ll be just like old times!”

01-01-15_12-51 PM-2

“[gasp] I can wear those heels I bought and never wore! And, and I can put on lipstick…and a dress!!

“And I can wear my hat!”

They were so excited about this date, you would think it was their first one. Well, if you count stages of life, then, yes, this would be their first date as a married couple. They ran upstairs and put on their party clothes. Lance called a taxi to take them to the Rattlesnake Juice Bar in Oasis Springs.

01-01-15_12-56 PM

“I say, Mrs. Pruett, you are stunning! Absolutely stunning! I need to kiss you.”

01-01-15_12-57 PM

“Ok…just one more….”

01-01-15_12-58 PM-2

“Whew,” Myra said slightly light headed. “Let’s go inside…before we get arrested or something.”

01-01-15_12-59 PM

The bar was slightly empty has it wasn’t quite happy hour yet, but that was just how Lance and Myra wanted it. They picked a table, sat down and talked for a little while.

01-01-15_1-00 PM

“How are you, Lance? I never really get to ask you that.”

“I am great! I’m cute, I’m funny, and the girls love me,” he laughed.


“Something I told my mom once when I was a teenager. I was so cocky back then. Anyway, I really am great, my dear. I’m married to you, I have three awesome…ly loud children, my career is going well…I couldn’t ask for a better life.”

“About your mother…you doing ok?”

“Oh yeah. I’m totally fine. What about you? How have you been?”

“Honey, I am living the dream. Did you know I always wanted three children?”

“Really? That is amazing. You got everything you wanted in one day.”

“I sure did.”

“You are so beautiful, Myra. I can’t take my eyes off you.”

01-01-15_1-01 PM

“Lance…I’m telling you…if you keep blowing me kisses…things will happen, and we will get arrested!”

“Hey…we’re free for the night. A little danger never hurt anyone! Can I get you a drink?”


He went to the bar and ordered some drinks. They talked and danced and got a little juiced up…but not too much.

What did the mother Buffalo say when her boy left for college? Bye-son!
What did the mother Buffalo say when her boy left for college? Bye-son!

The afternoon quickly got away from them, and it was time to head home.

“Well, Mrs. Pruett…it’s the kids’ bedtime. I guess we should call it a night. Did you have a good time,” he said as he massaged her shoulders.

01-01-15_1-05 PM-2

“Oh, that’s nice. Of course I had a good time. Are you crazy or drunk?”

“Just drunk on love, baby. Here. For you,” he said and extended a rose to her.

01-01-15_1-07 PM-2

“How pretty! Where did you get this?”

“Oh oh, it’s magic, you know.”

“Ok, we really need to get you home,” she said laughing hysterically.

She called a taxi, and they made the best out of the ride home:  making out the entire time. When they arrived home, they stood outside and tried to enjoy their last few seconds of freedom before getting back into parent mode.

“I love you, Myra. We will do this again soon,” he said kissing her hands.

01-01-15_1-12 PM

Myra looked up at the house and saw that the lights were still on. Then she heard music and yelling.

“Oh no…they’re still up?”

“Don’t worry about them,” Lance assured her. “I’ll take care of it. You go on to bed.”

“You are THE best!”

“I know.”

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