7.14 Welcome to the World

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Cadence was well into her third trimester when she finally had a chance to get into some gardening. She had been trying to unpack and get the house like they wanted it the previous two days. Well, actually, she didn’t have to do much unpacking seeing as how they didn’t take much with them. She was enjoying spending her parents money making the house more like her own. She had barely planted a full pack of seeds when her labor pains began, so she got up and went inside to find Cameron. He was in the spare room chatting with Brianna. She quietly walked in and sat next to him. She didn’t want to interrupt their conversation, but she was so miserable she couldn’t hide the pain that was written all over her face.

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“…and then I was flying! I was WAY high in the air, daddy,” Brianna said.

“Wow, Bri! That was some dream. Oh, hi honey. Brianna was just…you have that look on your face. Are you in labor now?”


He was acting like an old pro and wasn’t even alarmed at this news.

“Why do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Suffer in silence.”

“I didn’t want to interrupt!”

“I don’t know whether to think you’re really that sweet, or you’re just a glutton for punishment. Ok. I have to be at work in less than two hours, so let’s go now. I’ll call your sister to come by and watch Bri.”

“Thank you.”

“Hi Melody, it’s Cameron….Yeah, it’s that time…I have to be at work soon, so we’re going now….Ok, that’s fine…thanks a lot. Bye bye. She’s still at work, so she’s gonna call Mia and have her come.”


“Mommy? Are you ok?”

“Yes, honey. Mommy is fine.”

“But you don’t look fine.”

“I’m going to have the baby soon, so I’m not very comfortable.”


“Because the baby wants to come out.”


“Ummm…I’ll tell you when you’re older, ok?”

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“Hey guys,” Mia said. “Can I do anything for you, Aunt Cadence?”

“Oh, thank heavens,” she said under her breath. “No, sweet pea. We’re gonna go right now. Is Marli here?”

“Yeah. She’s outside taking selfies. She thinks she’s soooo cute.”

Is this the TS4 version of duck lips??
Is this the TS4 version of duck lips??

“Ok. We’ll be back soon.”

“Mommy, I want to go with yoooou,” Brianna whined.

“Brianna, please stop,” Cameron intervened. “You have to stay here with Mia. Are you going to be good?”

“Yes,” she pouted.

“Ok. We really need to go now, but when we get back you can talk to mommy and the baby as much as you want, ok?”


Finally, they got out of the house.

“You were great back there,” Cadence said.

“Was it too much? I hope I wasn’t too harsh.”

They made it to the hospital, and within 30 minutes they were back home. If Brianna would have had a full on tantrum, the babies would have been born at home. Yes…babies!

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Welcome to the world, Kacey Bianca Clemons and Carla Giselle Clemons! Cameron spent a few minutes with his new daughter before he had to head to work.

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“I’ll be back as soon as I can, ok,” he said as he walked out the door.

“I’ll be fine. I’m perfect,” she beamed.

Cadence spent a little more time with her babies before she went to finish the garden. Just to be sure her oldest child was ok, she had to make good on Cameron’s promise.

“Brianna,” she yelled.

“Yes, Mommy?”

“Come meet your sisters!”


She raced through the house and found them all in the living room.

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“Hi baby. I’m Brianna, and I am your big sister! That means you have to do what I say.”

“Brianna…,” Cadence said in that tone. (you know the one!)

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“Whatever you do,” Brianna whispered, “never say mommy’s nose looks like it has bird poop on it when she wears her swimsuit.”

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30 thoughts on “7.14 Welcome to the World”

    • Oh, you KNOW I was like calculating the hours to make sure I was there. By the time I got to her lot, she went into labor two Sim hours later!!

  • Oh, man!! A world full of multiples. I can’t wait for a new patch to come out. I’m so tired of all these multiple births! But I love the names and I bet they’re going to be super cute 🙂

    • I like her too. I need to make it back to that house soon to see what the teenage version of spoiled brat is like LOL. She hasn’t aged up yet. I’ve been playing with aging off for a couple weeks to accomplish something with someone 😉

      • This would be a cause for a breaking up the household. I couldn’t do it. That’s why I do rotations, those kids can be too much, especially when they not teens. At least then you could put them to work in fields, I mean, garden.

        • LOL!!! Girl, I am straight HOLLERING at “work in fields!!” You’re too funny! But for real though…at least I didn’t have to play with those kids. I went to her house just in time for her to have them so I could name them, I went back briefly when they aged up to take their picture for the family tree, and then I didn’t go back again until they were teens lol. I barely know those kids!

          • I don’t know Ike’s kids that well except the twins. I’m just now getting interested in Teddy and I never knew what to do with Bobbi until she got her second trait and aspiration. So don’t feel bad. They’re boring until the get grown and you know who they look like.

          • For real. That’s why I wish we could have the custom lifespans back! In TS3, I had like 2 days baby, 5 days toddler, 5 days child, 15 days teen, 25 days YA, 20 days adult, and 10 days elder lol.

  • So many babies! I sort of missed the twin glitch because I was taking a break from TS4 at the time, since it was also around the same time as the annoying non-functional fridge and broken bartenders in bars 😀

  • omg “Is this the TS4 version of duck lips??”, “Whatever you do,” Brianna whispered, “never say mommy’s nose looks like it has bird poop on it when she wears her swimsuit.” – oh and how many twins/triplets in you r legacy woooo!

    • Ugh, the multiples! All of them from the triplets up until those two were the result of that twin bug from last year. So annoying! But really, now that I think about it, the Pruetts had a lot of twins before and after that too. Hmmm!

  • Haha!!! TS4 version of duck lips!!

    Oh my heavens seriously was multiple births a big for a while?? Sooo many multiples in this legacy (and others’ stories that I’ve read!) I have only had one set of twins in all my stories and they honestly won’t ever be shown because they do t technically exist!

    (They were my Drifter Jacks non-heir twins on my first house fail. I didn’t get twins on the redo!)

    • Oh yeah, there was actually a twin bug back in the day! ALL pregnancies resulted in multiples and many of them were identical! That’s where the triplets, Mia & Marli, and these girls came from. Luckily the bug was fixed by the time the next person got pregnant lol. But even without the bug, the Pruetts just seem to be prone for multiples! These aren’t the last of them lol.

  • Brianna is already into that whole big sister thing xD Giving good advice and ensuring obedience. Go girl! For some reason your family seems to be blessed with multiple births just like the Rosebrooks. Or is it rather a curse? My only twins were already enough.
    “I’m suffering in silence.” Lol! Brave Cadence. Definitely the daughter of her parents. 😉

    • HA! Cursed! The triplets, Mia & Marli, and these twins were the result of that terrible bug that made ALL births result in multiples. The only reason Brianna wasn’t a twin was because she was the 8th person in the house. No room in the inn LOL. Needless to say, I was sooooooooo scared to get anyone else pregnant and soooooooooooo happy when that dang bug was fixed!!

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