7.33 Life Goes On

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As fate would have it, Lance passed away the day after he passed the torch to Owen. He was at home with the family, but he was outside tending the garden when the Grim Reaper came for him. Myra did not witness his death but was affected by it just the same. The triplets lost their father, and it is expected that one day children will lose their parents. But Myra lost her spouse, lover, and best friend. She always knew he would go first because he was 10 days older, but that wasn’t something she thought about much especially since he was the same old funny, loving guy she fell in love with many moons ago right until the very end. She was ill-prepared for this and took it very hard. No one ever wishes for children to lose a parent before they’re grown, but at least the triplets were teenagers and could look after themselves. Myra was of no use to them. She tried very hard to still be “mommy,” but she was stricken with grief and could barely function. The triplets recognized that and tried to comfort her and make her happy, but what they didn’t understand in their young lives was that you just have to let the grief take its course.

What they say about children being resilient is quite true as Owen, Alayna, and Brady never missed a beat. They maintained their positions on the honor roll and even started entertaining friends at home. Myra was glad to see their lives continuing on because in a little more than a week, she would be gone as well. There haven’t been any signs of romantic interests yet, but it made her happy to know that they did have friends they could lean on in times of trouble.

After a couple days of deep depression, Myra began to come around. She got out of bed and even showed interests in conversations and goings on in the house. Most of the time she just sat there staring into nothingness, but she was trying. She was determined to adapt to her new normal. Life without Lance was going to be rough, but life must go on.

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