7.37 Coming Out

Over the next few days, Owen and Alayna had gotten comfortable with everyone knowing about their private relationships. They weren’t really hiding them, but just weren’t forthcoming. It’s one of life’s mysteries why couples choose to retreat before going public. It all started with Roland Holmes. The Holmes family is pretty new to the area. They live in the old Sheridan house in Oasis Springs. Ronnell and Kelly Ann have three teenagers (Robyn, Robert, and Roland) who are also triplets. The Holmes and the Pruetts met randomly in school and connected immediately. Only another set of triplets can understand the plight of triplethood. Roland and Alayna were instantly taken with each other, but they didn’t let each other know. Owen and Brady both liked Robyn, but she hung out with Owen more. But when Alexia Overstreet moved to town, Owen forgot who Robyn was and Brady started hanging with her. Alexia is a daddy’s girl, but he is insane. Her mother hates children. So, as one could imagine, Alexia came over–a lot.

But let’s get back to Alayna and Roland for a bit. Toward the end of high school, he couldn’t hide his feelings any longer, but still didn’t know how to come out with them. So he began to come by more often too. He always had a farce of an excuse for why he came. One time he came to study for their simology exam. Another time he came wanting to use the microscope. And then when Lance died, he came to give his condolences. He could have come on his own accord, but he didn’t know that would have been welcomed. It was his own way of protecting himself in case he got rejected. But, after her birthday (he is one day older), he came by to wish her happy birthday and she put a stop to these fake visits–she saw straight through them. She threw her arms around him and embraced him like never before. This was no ordinary friendly “glad to see you” hug. This was an endearing “I’m in love with you” hug, and it was all the evidence he needed to be freed from his fear of rejection.

01-31-15_4-08 PM

Myra just happened to be walking by at the time and was so happy to see one of her children in a happy, promising relationship–especially her daughter. They spent the next couple of days together getting to know each other as boyfriend and girlfriend as they were already best friends.

Things were going ok between Brady and Robyn until his birthday. It seems as though she would rather not be involved with an insane Sim. But he keeps trying. Although he is constantly sad, humiliated, and embarrassed as a result of failed interactions with her, he can’t get her off his mind. Owen had a slightly similar situation going on. He and Alexia were going strong until her birthday and he discovered that she was insane. He didn’t let it bother him at first. They still hung out, and he even took her on a trip to space once, but it just wasn’t working. Did he love her? Oh yes! But, he knew that she would never be his first priority–at least not in his YA years. Nope. He was more in love with amassing more wealth than he was with her. So, between his pursuit of money and her insanity, he decided to not put anymore effort into that relationship. She wasn’t his girlfriend, so he didn’t break up with her. He just stopped calling. Eventually she stopped coming by.

Hey...wanna take a trip to space?
Hey…wanna take a trip to space?
I told you space was gonna be fun!
I told you space was gonna be fun!
Look! There's an alien crawling out of my rocket!
Look! There’s an alien crawling out of my rocket!

Early one morning, Roland put on his best outfit and called Alayna over to discuss a very important matter.

“Before you freak out, just listen to me. I know I’m probably being presumptuous by doing this so soon, but I feel like we’ve been together for so long even though we officially started dating a few days ago. But, you’re my best friend, and I know you. And one thing I know about you is that you would love to get married before your mom dies. So…Alayna Pruett…if I could have the pleasure of being your husband, I would love to grant that wish and marry you today. Will you be my wife?”

01-31-15_8-00 PM

The tears flooded her face, and the words…well, she had none. She was beaming with joy and was in shock–the good kind. She just took the ring, put it on, and embraced him. They enjoyed the moment for a few minutes, and then they went inside to let his family know. Then they went back to the Pruett estate to let her family know. And then they all headed to The Fountain to seal the deal. It was quick, but it was beautiful.

Alayna & Roland

All of the proud parents! Myra really was happy, but she was just wondering why everyone chose to sit on one side of the room.
All of the proud parents! Myra really was happy, but she was just wondering why everyone chose to sit on one side of the room.

Later that night, after everyone was sleeping peacefully in their beds, death came for Myra. It was exactly how she wanted it to be:  no one around to cry for her or plead for her life. The Grim Reaper woke her up from her sleep and told her it was time to go. She gladly went with him and hoped to find Lance waiting for her.


Director’s Commentary

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  • Red dress at a wedding! How stunning! Also it’s so nice to see The Fountain again, considering that it’s such a lovely building… I remember when you worked so hard to craft it!

    Alayna is such a sweetheart… I’m so happy for her.

    And HOLY COW, Alexia is BEAUTIFUL. Like, INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL. …I know that this may not happen, but I really, really, REALLY hope that after Owen gets a bit older and more settled that he realizes despite her insanity that he loves her anyway and they get married and have beautiful babies and we have another insane sim in the Pruett family legacy. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

  • Oh, they got married at the Fountain! It was good timing for Myra I think, she got to see her firstborn get married and was able to move on. Usually I sort of almost want the second spouse that was left behind to die as soon as possible, because it makes me so sad to see them without their other half.

    Oh, and wow, that Alexia is stunning!

    • Yeah, I don’t have good luck finding spouses close to their age. Well, Roland was just one day older, but after pregnacies, he ended up being a week older.

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