8.103 Rose Colored Glasses

The next night, before dinner, Julian was getting his daily workout in. Brady had not seen much of him the past few days and decided to catch him while he could.

“Hey, stranger,” Brady said.

“Hey, dad.”

“What’s going on?”

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Naturally, Julian completely missed the point Brady was really trying to get at.

“I met this girl named Rose! Aww man…you should have seen her! She was like…was like…like walking sunshine!”

“Rose, huh,” Brady asked suspiciously.
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“She’s got this long blonde hair and these super green eyes that look unreal. She’s so beautiful!”

“Uh huh…”

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“And like, I wasn’t even, like, looking for anyone! She just came out of her house and started talking to me!”


“I wonder if it’s too early to call her. I mean, we just met yesterday. Forget it. I’m calling her! She’s probably waiting by the phone because…well, who wouldn’t?

07-10-15_10_45 PM

“I can’t WAIT to hang out with her!”

“I see…

07-10-15_10_50 PM

“…That’s a shame. I was looking forward to seeing more of Jeannette,” Brady said in disappointment.

But, Julian’s mind was somewhere else.

“…what, dad?”

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