8.104 Daydreaming


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“Oh Juuuuliaaaaan…

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“Are you with us, Julian,” Viviana asked.


“Aww, Julian. Why don’t you just call her?”

“I intend to!”

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Julian finished his food hurriedly.

“Whoa there, llama boy! You’ll get indigestion. What’s the rush,” Viviana asked.

“I gotta talk to Rose,” Julian shouted as he got up from the table.

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Callie cleared her throat and said, “Ehh, who is Rose, and does Jeannette know about her?”

Viviana sighed and said, “I don’t know, dear. I don’t know.”

She felt defeated after what she had done to help Jeannette and was certain it was gonna work.

“Don’t worry, angel,” Brady interjected. “This won’t last long.”

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