8.118 Plans

Emerson J. Pruett was a very bright young lad. He consistently made the honor roll and breezed through his homework every day. He was ranked in the top tier of children his age in logical reasoning and communication skills. He stayed active and seemed to be very gifted when it came to feats of physical fitness. Although he enjoyed physical activities, after a while, he didn’t feel challenged by them and wanted to try something else. He had begun to get into art and was getting quite good. Brady noticed him spending a lot of time at the art table and decided to check him out and see if he was any good. At first glance, it didn’t look like much, but then again, Brady didn’t know anything about art.

“What are you making, son?”

08-21-15_10_44 PM

“I am depicting a reenactment of a scene from Llamaman vs. Unicorn.”

“…oh…ok. So, what exactly is going on here?” Brady couldn’t see it.

“This is Llamaman, and this is Unicorn. They are sworn enemies for life, and they are always fighting. But, they don’t really know why they fight because they both fight bad guys and could probably work together–don’t tell Sasha I said that! So, here they are fighting, and here is a little blood over here and some guts over here–the X’s on Llamaman’s eyes mean that Unicorn got him really good. And then over here are their cheerleaders who follow them around all the time. The ones in purple belong to Llamaman, and the ones in pink belong to Unicorn. Oh, and these are Unicorn’s friends who help him fight crime.”

I’m sorry I asked.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Julian was setting his plan in motion.

“Hey…do you have plans for tomorrow night?”

08-21-15_11_03 PM

“Aren’t you my director of social affairs?”

“Heh, right. Ok, well, tomorrow night is on reserve. Don’t make any plans…and come straight home.”

“Yes, sir!”

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