8.33 A-Bomb

Sunday afternoon, Alayna gathered the adults in the den to share their news.

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“…have you told them,” Brady asked Viviana.

“No. I thought you would want to,” she replied.

“Come on, you kids! We all know a pregnant belly when we see one. We’ve been around the block a couple times,” Roland said.

“Congrats, you two,” Alayna said.

“Yeah…congratulations,” Owen said.

“Thanks, guys,” Viviana said sweetly.

“Ok…what did you bring us all in here for, sis? Have you been around the block again?”

“HA! That’s a good one, Brady! Not! ANYWAY…Roland and I will not being going around the block again, but we do have some news…”

“Well,” Owen said impatiently, “come on with it!”

“We bought a house! We’ll be moving out in a few days.”

“WHAT,” all the Pruetts said simultaneously.

And then everyone began speaking at once

“But, why,” Brady asked.

“When did you decide this,” Owen asked.

“Who’s gonna help me with the baby,” Viviana asked.

“You don’t need to do this…why are you doing this…what are we going to do without you?”

“EVERYBODY QUIET,” Alayna shouted.

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“I know this comes as a shock to everyone. My family is having a time dealing with it too. I’m flattered that you all want us to stay, but we just can’t.”

“But, why, Alayna? And why now,” Owen asked.

“Look around, Owen! Viv is pregnant! And you know there will be a few more after this one. And you….What if you get your head out of the sand and want to get married and start your family? There is no room for anyone’s family to grow with us here. We’re in the way!”

“That’s not true,” Brady shouted. “If anyone deserves to live in this house, it’s you, Alayna. Me and Viv can find our own house.”

“You can’t do that, Brady.”

“Why not? Says who??”

“That’s the way this whole legacy thing works! Only males are allowed to be heirs. It was always going to be me, Brady. You have to stay because you’re the spare. In case something happens to Owen, or he dies without children, you’re next in line to be the heir. Anyone who leaves the house can’t move back in even if they’re eligible, so you have to stay here. Hold on a sec.”

Alayna got up and went to the office to find Donnie’s Proclamation.

“I found this yesterday in some old books. It explains it all right here!”

“I think I hear someone knocking at the door,” Viviana said.

“I’ll get it,” Alayna said.

“No, you stay and take care of this family business. I’ll get it.”

Viviana got up and waddled toward the door. The second trimester was about to begin within the hour.

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04-03-15_8-55 PM

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“…I guess you’re right. I’m really gonna miss you guys,” Owen said.

“You guys! We’re moving around the corner, not to another country! It’ll be fine!”

“Yeah, but it won’t be the same without you here.”

“I know. We’ll all get used to it after a while.”

“Viv…who was at the door,” Brady asked.

“There’s a kid in the living room, Owen. He says he thinks you’re his father.”

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“WHAT,” everyone yelled at the same time.

“Yeah…,” Viviana said hesitantly. “He says his name is Ryan Pruett….I’m sorry…I didn’t know you didn’t know.”

“I HAVE A SON????”

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