8.43 Vacation Finally

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“Alayna,” Brady said with bright, wide eyes. “Are you–”

“Pregnant? It appears so,” she replied.

“Wow! That is awesome! Congratulations,” he said and hugged her.

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“I thought you said you were never doing it again,” he added.

“I did, but…let’s just say I strongly encouraged to reconsider,” she said and glanced at Roland with a smile.

“Nice work, Roland! The more cousins our kids have the merrier!”

Everyone went inside to…I can hear you…stop interrupting the story…what’s that? Oh! You see someone you don’t know? Forgive me! Where are my manners? Let’s rewind a few hours. Meet Callie Pruett, princess of the Pruett Estate! She was born two days ago and had an early birthday so she could join in the family fun. Her daddy calls her princess…

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…but you can call her “the boss.”

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She may be the youngest Sim in the estate, but she runs the joint. Where she goes, Julian goes, and what Callie says goes…and everyone knows it. Everything Julian has is hers. Everyone loves Callie…and she knows it. Callie developed the Neat trait and is definitely a social butterfly. No one had to introduce her to anyone. She can handle her own quite well.

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While Callie was busy introducing herself to everyone, Brady and Julian went to the backyard to play horseshoes. Julian noticed that everytime Brady threw the horseshoe, he laughed.

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“Are you winning, dad,” Julian yelled from behind.

“Oh, no! I totally suck at this game,” Brady howled.

“Can I try?”

“Sure! It’s all yours,” Brady said and went back in the cabin.

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The park ranger stopped by shortly after their arrival. Usually, park rangers are supposed to be helpful and friendly, but this park ranger must have had a bad day. Or maybe it’s just time for him to retire. Viviana was still on the porch when he arrived and greeted him.

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“Howdy. Y’all the Pruetts,” the ranger said.

“Yes, sir,” Viviana said nervously.

She had never been confronted by a Sim in uniform before and thought that they were in some sort of trouble. Alayna, not being able to resist taking charge, came over to see what the ranger wanted and why Viviana looked so scared.

“Everything all right,” she asked.

“Look here,” the ranger shouted, pointing his finger at Viviana. “Don’t leave no food out, and put yer garbage in the trash! All you fancy folk always come up here thankin’ that someone gon’ clean up after ya! Ain’t nobody up here but you and the BEARS!”

“HEY,” Alayna shouted. “I think we get the point. You can leave now!”

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“Look here, little lady! I ain’t done yet! Put out yer wrackin’ frackin’ fires! It’s always fancy folk like you comin’ up here and don’t know nuthin bout campin’ always catchin’ themselves on fire! PUT OUT THE PLUMMING FIRE!”

“There is no need to take that tone with me! Please leave our cabin! That’s the last time I’ll ask nicely,” Alayna said.

“I still ain’t done! I hope y’all got some better clothes! Puh! Fancy folk…always comin’ up here in high heels and pearls and furs and fancy clothes! Ya don’t know how to dress for the woods! This ain’t the country club! Yer gonna get eaten alive by the skeeters!”

“YOU’RE DONE NOW! LEAVE! I WILL be writing a complaint to your BOSS about this! You don’t mess with the Pruetts, buster!! You’ll be out of work faster than I can spell mosquito!

“Ok, Alayna, ok,” Viviana pleaded. “Let’s go back inside. Thank you for the information, ranger.”

“Y’all have yerselves a good evenin’ now, ya hear?”

“Ooooooh,” Alayna stewed in anger. “I can’t stand rude people!”

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“Are you ok, Alayna? I’ve never seen you so angry before.”

“How can you be so nice to someone so rude? I just wanted to strangle him!!”

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“Ok…I think your pregnancy hormones are making you a bit…off. Maybe you need to lie down?”

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“I don’t need to lie down! I need to HIT something!”

While the unfortunate encounter with the ranger was going on, Brady and Julian roasted marshmallows.

04-04-15_11-27 PM“See, son, if you keep turning it like this, it’ll roasted evenly and not get burned on one side.”

“Look, dad! I’m doing it!”

Later that evening, after Alayna was calm and back to normal, she took some time with her younger son.

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“Mommy, how many stars are there?”

“I don’t know, Anthony. Millions, I guess.”

“Do you think if I could fly I’d be able to touch them?”

“No. They are very far away.”

“How far away?”

“So far you’d need to go to space in a rocket to see them.”

“I want to go to space!”

“Maybe one day you will!”

And this happened too…

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And then, just because…these two are just too cute for words…and pictures!

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