8.50 The Boss Takes on the Pruetts

When Brady told Callie he would make her birthday special, he meant it. He pulled out all the stops. He and Viviana made cake and food, Viviana served juice at the bar, Alayna played the piano in a fancy dress all night, and Brady invited as many Pruetts as he could squeeze in the house. He even got Justin and Fiona to come.

“There’s my princess! Happy birthday, sweet angel!”

“Thank you, daddy.”

“Heeey, is this were the party is,” Devan said as he walked in the kitchen.

“What’s happenin’, coolness? I still can’t get over you being grown,” Brady said.

“Yeah, well…what can I say? You can’t keep all this goodness locked up forever now, can ya,” Devan said.

“Ha! And you’re even cockier than you were too!”

“Confident, Uncle Brady. Confident!”

“Oh. My bad. Is that what you young people are calling it these days?”

05-02-15_4-53 PM

“Mom,” Julian called. “Can I have a Juice on the Rocks?”

“Ummm…I’m not sure how I feel about you drinking right now.”

“But, mom! All my friends drink juice!”

“I’m not your friend’s mom! No juice.”

“Grrr! This blows! Why would you serve juice at a kid’s party anyway,” he yelled and stormed out of the room.

05-02-15_4-54 PM

“Daddy,” Callie whispered. “Daddy!”

“Yes, princess,” he whispered back.

“Who are all these people,” she asked (mainly referring to Justin and Fiona) talking through her teeth and smiling.

“This is your family! Our family is really big.”

“We’re related to all these people?”

“Yep. They’re all Pruetts just like you.”

“Ok. Just make sure they wash their dishes!”

05-02-15_4-57 PM

Later on, Callie was trying to cut a rug in the living room, but she was distracted by Devan and Anthony.


“Yes, Callie?”

“Did you use a coaster for that cup?”

05-02-15_5-01 PM

“Did she seriously just ask me that, Dev?”

05-02-15_5-04 PM

“Whoa now, Uncle Brady! You going a bit hard on that juice,” Devan said.

“Hey…she’s about to be a teenager,” Brady said. “I’m gonna need as much juice as I can drink!”

“True that!”

“DADDY,” Callie shouted.

“Yes, princess?”

“Can I blow out the candles now?!”

“Of course.”

No sooner than the words could leave his mouth, Callie ran to the kitchen.

“Wait! Wait for us,” he called after her.

But she was too fast. She stood in front of the cake and blew with all her might.

05-02-15_5-08 PM

Every single one of those candles disappeared at her command, and she was very proud of herself. She was so proud, she had to stop and admire her handywork before the age up powers overtook her.

05-02-15_5-09 PM

When she was done, she began to glow and sparkle and spin…

05-02-15_5-09 PM-3

…and the teenage version of Callie presented herself.

“Wow! I feel great! Thank you, everyone, for coming! Please excuse me while I change out of these hideous clothes!”

05-02-15_5-11 PM

05-02-15_5-35 PM

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