8.64 Fairy Godmothers, Faith, Fear

“…and we ate cupcakes for breakfast and we danced and went to the museum and me and my friend Fiona think the other two kids like each other and they’re going to get married and then we all met our fairy godmothers,” Sasha beamed as she recanted the events at summer camp.

Fairy godmothers,” Callie snorted. “Pfft. You would believe in something as preposterous as that.”

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“It’s not preposterous! She’s real! I saw her!”

“Well, did you talk to her? Did she say, ‘Sasha, my gullible one…I am your fairy godmother?'”

“You don’t have to believe me. I know she’s real. She’s gonna make me play the violin better! And she saved me when I caught on fire!”

“WHAT,” Viviana yelled.

“It’s ok, mommy! I wasn’t really on fire. Just really close. My fairy godmother was there to save me,” Sasha said cutting her eyes at Callie. “She saved me, and then SHE caught on fire, and all the fairy godmothers had to save her!”

Viviana wasn’t quite sure what to make of this tale, but she was furious that something so tragic happened to her child and no one thought to let her know. However, as long as she was safe and sound, that’s all that mattered.

“And you were ok? You weren’t hurt?”

“Nope! I was fine. I just smelled smokey, so I changed my clothes and wore my pajamas!”

“I can’t believe no one told me about this! I’m gonna have to write a letter to Ms. Tea. You could have been seriously hurt! Why were you so close to the fire?? Someone should have been watching you!”

“That still doesn’t prove anything,” Callie said. “There’s no such thing as fairy godparents!”

“Is too!”

“Is not!”

“Is too!”

“Enough,” Viviana yelled. “Callie! Stop taunting your sister! If she wants to believe in a fairy godmother, then let her! There’s no harm in it! What’s gotten into you?”

“But, mother! It’s such a silly thing to believe like…like Simmy Claus and magic garden gnomes.”

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“Callie, if you don’t want to believe in those things, that’s fine. But, you shouldn’t mock what other people believe! It isn’t polite. There will be plenty of things in life that you will not agree with, and that is fine. Disagree, and move on! There are other things in life that we can’t explain; Things that may even seem silly, but that doesn’t mean that they are incorrect.”

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“But, you can’t prove any of those things, mother! How can you believe in something that you can’t prove exists?”

“Everything can’t be proven, Callie! Everything doesn’t come with a formula or a measurement attached to it. There are things that you know inwardly, without a shadow of a doubt. Some people call it faith: Believing in something that you believe to be true that isn’t tangible or even able to be proven. Do you ever get scared sometimes?”

“Of course!”

“Can you see fear? Is there a formula to calculate fear? Is there a scale to measure it?”

“No,” Callie said flatly.

“What about love? In moments of doubt, we say things like ‘I’ll prove my love to you,’ but what does that really mean? How much ‘proof’ do you need? When is it proven? Who says so?”

“That’s just silly, mother. Everyone knows that love and fear and all the emotions exist!”

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“But how?”

“Because you can feel them,” Callie yelled.

“So, now our feelings have credibility? Sasha feels that her fairy godmother exists, so she exists…according to what you say,” Viviana retorted.

“You know what I mean!”

“Sure I do, but I don’t feel that you do…

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“…so, maybe you should give this more thought.”

“[sigh] If I must.”

“You must.”

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