8.73 Baby X

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“How’s our baby doing in there,” Brady asked.

“He or she is doing just fine. No complaints.”

“Good. Good. I like to hear you doing well.”

“Good morning, my dear parents,” Callie said.

“Good morning, princess!”

“You’re up early,” Viviana said. “You’re not still doing homework, are you?”

“No, mother. I’m doing extra credit.”

“You’re doing so well, Callie. I’m so proud of you,” Viviana said. “OH! Brady, your child is awake. Say hello!”

Brady put his palms on Viviana’s womb and smiled.

“This never gets old,” he whispered. “Hello, baby! This is your daddy. I love you, and I can’t wait to see you!”

“You know,” Viviana said, “I could get a sonogram at the hospital if you really want to know what it is.”

“Nah, I like the surprise. But, you can get it if you want to know.”

“No. I can’t know and you don’t. Hey! We should think of names. We’ve never picked out a name beforehand.”

“You mean, you guys just haphazardly chose names when you met us,” Callie said in disgust.

“I wouldn’t say haphazardly,” Viviana laughed.

“Ugh! The more I learn about you two, the more disappointed I am.”

“Don’t be so dramatic,” Brady said. “Ok, so…names. If it’s a boy, I think we should continue in the family tradition.”

“What’s that,” Viviana asked.

“Well, it seems as though all of the heirs, except my dad, have names that end in the ‘ehn’ sound.”

“Really? What were all their names? Was it on purpose?”

“No. At first it purely coincidence, but my father realized it and restarted the tradition and now we do it on purpose. I was a spare, so it didn’t really matter what my name was, but now that I’ve become the heir, I think it’s important to name all sons appropriately. First there was Donovan, then Aiden, Jayden (and Jared), Brandon, Lance (and Allen…they got it right with him), Owen (and his son just happens to be Ryan), me, and Julian.”

“That is so cool, daddy! I want a son with that kind of name now, although he wouldn’t be a real Pruett.”

“That is really amazing, sugar bear. This family gets more incredible every day!”

“So, do you have any ideas,” Brady asked.

“Emerson,” Callie shouted.

“Emerson,” Brady replied. “That’s actually kinda nice. Do you like it, angel?”

“I do! Good job, Callie. Emerson. Emerson J. Pruett!”

“J? What does the J stand for,” Brady asked.


“Oh! Ok. Who is James?”

“My father.”

“Oh, Viv. Are you sure you want to do that to yourself?”

“My father wasn’t a complete monster. We did have some good times. Besides, it’s a nice name. And Emerson J. Pruett has a nice ring to it!”

“Yeah. It sounds important,” Brady said. “What if it’s a girl? Anyone have ideas?”

“There’s just so many,” Viviana said.

“Yeah,” Callie added. “Courtney, Camille, Chelsea…”

“Why are all your suggestions C names,” Brady asked.

“Because C is the best the letter of the alphabet, daddy. You should know this.”

“Heh, yeah. I should have known. Well, I guess we’ll keep our options open for her. Oh, my angel…you are indeed the sexiest pregnant woman in the world, and I love you.”

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