8.77 Straighten a Brother Out

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“So, dear brother, are you getting close to asking Jeannette to marry you?”

“WHAT?! Where did you–what in the–we’re not dating! Freezer bunnies! How come everyone thinks that??”

“Seriously, Julian? You spend all your time with her, and you’re rarely around anymore. You don’t love her?”

“She is my friend. We are friends! Friends spend time together! Why can’t we just spend time together without everyone trying to pair us up?? Just because I need to get married and she’s single–and beautiful–doesn’t mean we should be together!”

“Are you serious right now, Julian? Do you really not see it? You two are perfect for each other! You think she’s beautiful, she thinks you’re pretty handsome. You’re family oriented, she’s family oriented. You’re into fitness, she likes sports. She doesn’t seem to mind your strange attraction to cloud gazing…come on!”

“Ok, so we have a lot in common. I’m sure I have a lot in common with plenty of women. Should I marry them all?”

“You spend a great deal of time togetheeer,” she sang. “I have friends who are guys, but you don’t see me missing dinner for them.”

Julian sighed.

“Am I really gone that much?”

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“Several nights a week! And, if she’s just your friend, why do you always hang out alone? Why don’t you bring her here sometime?”

“Because of THIS! I don’t need everyone all up in our business!”

“Ohhhh! So, you have business?”

“No! Can’t we have a little privacy??”

Friends don’t need privacy.”

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