8.9 Paaaartay!

Owen had been showing signs of improvement. Did Alayna’s heartfelt, emotional outburst have an effect? Did he feel himself getting burned out? Or, was he really beginning to see what was really important in life? It’s hard to say, but everyone hopes that he will continue in this vein.

There has been a certain female that has been coming over often! Her name is Cora Gabriel. They know each other from high school. He, Alexia, and Cora were all friends. Cora actually used to come by the house a lot back in those days, but when he chose Alexia, she stopped coming. He tried asking Cora about Alexia to see what it was that he had done and why she was so mad at him, but Cora refuses to talk about her. It’s frustrating to him, but he’s glad to have at least one friend. Cora is often in a flirty mood, but she doesn’t flirt with him, and Owen isn’t showing any signs of interests. Maybe he just really needs someone outside of the family to talk to.

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Owen has also been seen spending time with his nephew! Devan loves him. If he’s not spending time with his father, then he’s chatting away with Uncle Owen. Making up for lost time maybe?

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One Sunday evening, it was finally the triplets adult birthday. Roland and his siblings’ birthday was the night before. He and Alayna threw a huge party and invited everyone in their phones. Alayna arranged everything and invited as many as she could through the party planning service. Once the party got started, everyone in the household invited everyone else they could think of over for the festivities. Almost all the Pruetts, extended Pruetts, and barely Pruetts were there.

Devan was most excited about hanging out with his cousins. Jo Jo, the smiliest kid ever, came bursting through the door with the most effulgent presence. He doesn’t have the cheerful trait like his father, but he certainly smiles all the time just like him. Just behind him came Brycen (Justin’s son, Allen’s grandson), Kacey (one of Cadence’s twins), and Darren Sheffield (Theresa Pruett’s son, Jasmine’s great-grandson).

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Fiona Pruett (Justin’s sister, the triplets’ first cousin) was also in the house, although she was a little upset that she hasn’t heard from Alayna in a while. Also…they had on similar outfits.

02-25-15_9-58 PM

Mr. Sweetness himself, Robert Munoz, made an appearance. He brought with him Mia’s regrets. She wasn’t feeling very well and wished them a very happy birthday.

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Carla (Cadence’s other twin) was in attendance as well…as much as one can be in attendance without socializing with the birthday folks. Speaking of being anti-social…

02-25-15_9-38 PM

…of course, Owen would be tucked away on the computer at his own party. Cora took her cues from him.

02-25-15_9-43 PM

Robert, Roland’s brother, looked a little bit juicy all night despite the fact that there was no mixologist at this party because of the children. He must have come already “turnt up.” Although, he seemed a bit depressed, yet he wasn’t sad. He probably feels ignored and shafted because Roland gets all the shine in his family, and Robyn is the only girl. Poor guy. Maybe he’ll find someone for himself soon.

02-25-15_9-57 PM

Jalisa, Justin’s oldest, was very chatty and made lots of friends.

02-25-15_10-01 PM

Devan had so much fun hanging with his cousins. He never wanted them to leave.

02-25-15_10-03 PM

Their conversations were so lively and magnetic, even Robert had to join and check it out. He thought they were all so cute. He was excited about having his own children.

02-25-15_10-04 PM

Brady had gone into the living room to watch the game, but when he got there, he saw that Robyn was in there dancing.

“Oh sweet llamas…she’s here,” he said to himself nervously. “Just be cool. Don’t be crazy!”

02-25-15_9-21 PM

He took a deep breath and walked over to her.

“Hi, Robyn. Thanks for coming. I…I’m glad you’re here.”

02-25-15_9-23 PM

“Of course I’m here! I wouldn’t miss this.”

“Look…are we ok? I feel like you’ve been avoiding me…and I know why, but I wish you’d just come out and say it. I still like you a whole lot, but I don’t know if I need to let you go or not. It makes me even crazier not being able to talk to you!”

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“Brady…you’re very sweet, and I like you too, but…this thing you have…it makes you say some really hurtful things! It’s like a roller coaster dealing with you. One minute I feel like the only Sim in the world, and the next I feel like I’ve been swallowed by a cow plant! I can’t deal with that, Brady. I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry I make you feel that way. I wish I could control it. I would give anything to be normal just so we can be together!”

“I know. I would love for us to be together too. Hey…it’s your birthday…let’s not get all sad. Let’s just dance!”

“You’re right.”

02-25-15_9-24 PM

Robyn arrived at the party in a flirty mood. Seeing him and telling him how she really felt was hard. Although she basically told him that they have no future together, she couldn’t help but notice how much more buff he was since the last time she saw him. Maybe she’ll keep an open mind.

02-25-15_9-53 PM-2

Soon, everyone joined them on the dance floor.

02-25-15_9-55 PM

02-25-15_9-59 PM

As you can see, Brady and Robyn were quite friendly all night. He only yelled her once, but that only served as the prime example for why they can’t be together.

It was getting late for the children, so Alayna decided to bring the party to a close and dragged Owen down to blow out the candles first.

02-25-15_10-06 PM

He felt pretty good about this next phase of his life. Next was Alayna. She had everything she wanted, so she thought really hard about what to wish for.

02-25-15_10-07 PM

Finally, it was Brady’s turn. It was a bittersweet time for him. He was happy to be around family and friends, but he was a bit melancholy about not being able to spend the rest of his life with Robyn. But, because she gave him permission to move on, it gave him a glimmer of hope that he may be able to find someone who could understand him and deal with his problems.

02-25-15_10-09 PM

The guests began to leave, and Alayna, Roland, and Brady cleaned up. They all felt good that the guests were happy and that their futures were bright.

“Happy birthday, baby! Did you have a good time,” Roland asked Alayna.

“I had a wonderful time!”

“You only have a few hours of your birthday left. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Is Devan asleep?”


“Good. There is plenty you can do for me,” she said coquettishly.

“Okay! Is the slightly older, more mature Alayna gonna be more feisty like this?”

“You better believe it!”

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