9.10 More Family Vignettes

Viviana missed Brady all the time, but each day she found herself more willing to accept his absence and deal with her grief in healthy ways. First, she took up yoga. Brady had a yoga studio added to the gym a long time ago, but it never got used. She found it to be very calming, and she definitely needed her mind calmed.

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She also found great joy in spending time with her grandchildren–especially Juliette. Although her mouth always got her into trouble, Viviana saw something very special about her.

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“Hi Uncle Emerson,” Juliette said sweetly.

“Wassup, kid.”

“Can I play with the clay?”

“In a minute. I’m almost done.”


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“I’m not done yet! Just wait two minutes!”


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“Like, for real…calm down, Juliette! I’ll be done in a minute!”

Juliette let out a loud, long shriek that did not seem like it had an ending.

“Ok, ok! Here! Take the clay!”

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“Thank you,” she said sweetly with a smile.

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“…tough day, eh,” Sasha asked Janessa.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Sasha smiled victoriously ever so slightly. Although she was a young adult, she still faithfully watched Llama Man vs. Unicorn, and now she had three new fans to watch it with. Emerson had stopped watching it to spend more time pursuing his dreams of being a painter. The latest episode did not end favorably for Unicorn fans…and Sasha was gloating.

“Aunt Sasha,” Jonathan said, “I like Llama Man too!

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“That’s wonderful, nephew. Glad to see someone at this table is capable of making good decisions.”

Julian joined them for dinner and decided to come to his daughter’s rescue as he felt Sasha’s taunting was getting a little bit too personal. “Janessa, did you know was a Unicorn fan too?”

Her face lit up. “You were?”

“Sure was!”

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Sasha shook her head at them both. “Well, Jonny boy…it looks like it’s just the two of us.”

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Juliette joined them, and Sasha seized the opportunity to see where she landed in the poll. “So, Juliette…Llama Man or Unicorn?”

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“Neither! I think it’s a dumb show.”

“Is that so,” Sasha said. “Wow, Julian. You have yourself a very interesting brood!”

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