9.11 What Happened to Me

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One afternoon, Callie and her neighbor from across the street–Graham Mumbach–had been swimming. When the evening came, they rested and chatted poolside with their feet in the water when she remembered an incredible tale she meant to tell him.

“I’ve got to tell you what happened to me last night,” she yelled suddenly.

Graham chuckled and said, “Ok? Let’s hear it!”

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“Well…I was out jogging at like 1:00 or 1:30 this morning and–”

“Why were you out running so late,” Graham interrupted.

“I don’t know! I just was. Now…please listen!” She was very excited yet agitated and Graham didn’t know why, so he decided to hold all questions until the end.

She continued. “I was out jogging, and when I came back in the house, I felt the urge to come out here for some reason. And when I did, saw these really cool lights hovering right over there…” She pointed behind him.

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“They were green and sparkly…I remember reading about them once. I didn’t want to get too close because they usually come when someone from another world is trying to make contact. So I stood by the door and looked at them for a minute. But, then I felt myself walking to stand in the middle of the lights, and I was like no! Stop walking, Callie! But I couldn’t help myself! The lights began to circle around me, and I felt like there was something large hovering over me so I looked up…there was a spaceship!!”

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Graham gasped. “You got abducted? By aliens??”

Callie was agitated all over again. “YES. I was abducted by aliens, and I demand to know what they did to me!”

Graham had heard about people being abducted and the types of things the aliens did to them, but he didn’t want to assume they were true or that they happened to her and treaded lightly. “W-why do you think they did something to you?”

“Because! They clearly erased my memory! Why would they need to do that if they had not done something to me? I have no recollection of what occurred on that ship! Nothing! I have NO memory of it!! All I remember is those lights spinning so fast they glowed brightly, and they lifted me off the ground…

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“I kept thinking, if they drop me from here, I am going to die! They pulled me up all the way into the ship, and then it sped away…

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“Then that was it! I don’t know what happened after that. I remember ‘waking up’ like two or three hours later and being dropped back home…

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“They were kind enough to beam me down gently, but then they decided to play with me and suspend me in the air before the dropped me!!”

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“Were you ok?”

“Yes…well, I didn’t break anything.”

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“So…,” Graham hesitated as he tried to anticipate what she was going to tell him next. “You weren’t ok then…”

“No! How could anyone be ok with losing several hours of her life like that?” She missed what Graham was dancing around. “I want to know what happened to me!”

Graham attempted once more to (ahem) probe her to make sure she didn’t have any, ummm…any lasting effects. “So…how did you feel when they brought you back?”

“I felt dazed…and dirty! I sat there for a while to make sure they were gone, and when I got up, I felt uneasy…

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“I was a bit light headed and was walking around with a derpy look on my face all night. Why would I feel that way if they hadn’t done something to me?! And why did I feel so unclean? I walked right to the kitchen and washed my hands a few times!”

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“…and, how did you feel this morning…after you woke up,” Graham asked.

“I felt fine. Just upset!”

“And you feel fine now?”

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“Yes! Why do you keep–(gasp) You think I’m–holy cow plants!! Holy cow plants! I could be–Graham, I don’t want to have an alien baby!!” She was frightened by this recently acquired information and was panicked. He wanted to kick himself for pressing it because it made her very upset.

“I’m sorry, Callie! I didn’t mean to upset you! I’m sure you’re ok if it hasn’t manifested itself yet.” He tried to placate her, but it didn’t quite work.

“It hasn’t been 24 hours yet! Oh no, Graham! What if I find out I’m pregnant tonight?!”

He tried to be optimistic. “You should be happy! You want children, right?”

“Well, SURE, but…but, I want cute little brown babies that look like me!”

Graham smiled. He thought she was cute even when she was in panic mode. 10-04-15_6_14_38 PM

“Why are you smiling at me? Are you judging me? Oh no! You’re not going to leave me if I have an alien baby, right?”

He laughed. “I am going to be around for as long as you like having me around…alien baby and all!”

That one got her, and she smiled and calmed down. “Awww, really? Even if I want you around…forever?”

Especially if you want me around for forever.”


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She was happy that she knew, officially, where they stood. She could discern his feelings for her, and of course she knew her own. They had been spending time together ever since her father died, and there was always this unspoken knowing between them; they both understood that they were in each other’s lives for a reason although they never talked about it. She thought about it sometimes, but for the most part they weren’t concerned about putting a title on what they had. What they had was theirs, they understood it, and that’s all that mattered. However, that brief exchange put things into perspective and made clear the next steps.

“It’s getting late,” she said. “Will you stay for dinner?”

“I’d love to.”

Her cooking skills were nowhere near her mother’s, but she wasn’t half bad. She made pan-fried tilapia, and they ate outside together as her mind raced.

Finally! I have what I wanted. Mother will be pleased…and Julian too. And…daddy. This is nice. And…if I do find myself with an alien child, at least I know for sure that we will not be alone. My child will have a positive male figure in his or her life to look up to; someone he or she can call…daddy. Yes…this is nice. I could get used to having dinner with him every night…

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…even if it means watching him eat like a llama…(sigh)…Gluttons. Well, at least he’ll always appreciate what I make for him! 

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(sigh) Just look at him…he’s such a fine male specimen and very well put together. He has excellent features for making beautiful children. We both do. Our kids will be gorgeous for sure.

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How does he eat so fast?!

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Look at him. He’s so content and easy to please! Oh yes…we are going to have a wonderful life together.

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After Callie washed the dishes and put the leftovers away, she and Graham spent some time talking before he said good night.

“Are you ready to meet my family tomorrow,” she asked.

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“Namely your mom and your brother, right?”

“Basically. I haven’t told them anything about you yet. Mother won’t care that I haven’t been forthcoming and will be happy simply to know that you exist, but I’m not sure about Julian.”


“Well, either he’s going to be upset that I haven’t said anything, or he’ll be gloating.”

“Why would he be gloating?”

“They all thought I moved out because I was ‘hiding’ someone. Even though I told him that was not the case, he probably still thought I was lying.”

“Well…whatever your reason, I’m glad you did it. My life wouldn’t be as colorful without you in it.”

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“And mine would be very depressing,” she said.

“Man…meet the Pruetts. I feel like I’ll need to wear a suit or something!”

She laughed. “Please don’t! We’re really not that special.”

“Well, sure you’d say that. You don’t hear what people say about your family every day. The Pruetts are legends!”

“Of what? Please, Graham…wear whatever you’re comfortable wearing. It’s just a birthday party–not a black tie affair.”

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