9.31 Too Big for Fancy Britches

“Hi Miss Corleonesi,” Jonathan sang. Every time he went to his friend’s house, he felt giggly and shy. He thought his mom was so beautiful.

“Where are you guys going,” she asked sternly.

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“We’re going where we’re going, ma!”

Jonathan knew his friend was a hot head, but he didn’t think it was right to speak to his mother that way, and he was embarrassed and tried to make a smooth recovery for Tony. “Uhhh…we’re just going…to the gym! We’re going to the gym.”

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“Yeah, ma…we’re to the gym. My little friend here needs to beef up if he plans to continue hanging with us! Ain’t that right, Warren?” Tony cackled while Warren co-signed which humiliated Jonathan even more.

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“Don’t be out too late,” his mother said.

“We’ll be back when we’re back! Now, go inside and make sure Vince has something to eat!”

Vincent was Tony’s childhood friend whom he loved and cared for like a little brother although they were the same age. Vincent’s parents abandoned him which left him homeless. Tony took him in. Having been abandoned by his own father, he understood what Vincent was going through.

The trio left Miss Corleonesi standing on the side walk feeling helpless and went to the gym in Newcrest. They pumped iron and made fun of each other as teenage boys often did. Jonathan liked his little circle of friends. Sure, Tony was a bit crass, but he was genuine and would do anything for his friends. After their workout, they decided to relax in the pool.

“The night is still young, fellas,” Jonathan said. “What are we getting into next?”

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“We’re gonna go back upstairs and find your biceps,” Tony said. The three young men had a good laugh on that one.

“We should go to that new spot down the street and turn up,” Warren said.

“Heeey! I like how you think,” Jonathan said. “Last one dressed buys the drinks!”

11-11-15_10_17_12 PM

They raced to the locker room, put on their clothes, and walked to the club. When they arrived, Jonathan turned to his friends and addressed them. “Ok fellas! I know big Wolly Mammoth Warren here was the last to get dressed, but I have the most money…the night is on me!”

11-11-15_10_22_20 PM

They high fived each other and got pumped up for a night of epic shenanigans.

11-11-15_10_29_23 PM

11-11-15_10_27_55 PM

11-11-15_10_31_01 PM

11-11-15_10_33_32 PM

11-11-15_10_25_04 PM

11-11-15_10_32_01 PM

11-11-15_10_36_36 PM

11-11-15_10_38_14 PM

11-11-15_10_37_46 PM

11-11-15_10_39_40 PM

11-11-15_10_40_37 PM

11-11-15_10_41_30 PM

11-11-15_10_37_21 PM

11-11-15_10_26_58 PM

11-11-15_10_50_21 PM

11-11-15_10_52_03 PM

11-11-15_10_52_48 PM

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