9.43 What Do They Say About Me

“You and Skyla are soooooo cute together,” Janessa gushed. “Are you dating her officially now?”

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“No, not yet. I’ve been afraid to talk to her about it. Well, not afraid, like, scared…but just afraid of the timing. But dad gave me some advice, so I’m good.”

“People say things about her, you know,” she said.

Jonathan stopped his homework and looked sternly at his sister. “Who? What things?”

“Just people.”

“Well, what do these people say?”

“That she’s just a fame leecher and shouldn’t associate with ‘people like us.’”

“People like us? What is that supposed to mean?”

“I don’t know! That’s just what they say.”

He didn’t let it bother him. He knew his sweet Sky wasn’t hanging around him just because he was a Pruett. There were things he didn’t know about her yet, but he was determined not to let any of it affect how he saw her. Hearing that people talk about her made him remember things he had heard about his sister, and he began to laugh.

“What are you laughing at,” she asked.

“Oh…speaking of things people say…they say things about you too!”

She gasped. “Like what?”

“They call you a tease.”

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