9.48 Aldo’s First Date

After the twins’ catch up with their old friends, Janessa decided to schedule dates with Aldo and Salvatore to explore the possibility of taking their friendships to another level. Because she already had feelings for Aldo, she decided to go out with him first. They met at The Chapel. He arrived first and waited for her at a table at the rear of the bar. When she finally arrived, he arose to embrace her.

“Hi,” she said. “Am I late?”

“Nah. I like to be early.”

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“Do you want to sit,” he asked.

“Sure, ok.”

He pulled out a chair for her. “So, how have you been? We did all the talking yesterday, so we never found out what was going on with you. Well, not that I care about that loser.”

“Don’t say that. He’s my friend.”

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“I’m sorry. I never cared for him. You can be friends with whomever you want, of course,” he said.

“Thank you. Well, not much has been going on for me which was why it was so easy to let you guys do all the talking. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with my life yet, so I’m just working out and hanging with my family.”

“You know, Janessa, if you were to choose me, you wouldn’t have to work. I make good money, and I would want you to do whatever it is you want to do.”

“Why would I have to choose anyone?”

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“Well, I suppose you don’t, but I would love it if you chose me.”

“This isn’t a competition, Aldo, but your enthusiasm is notable.”

“Oh, I hope so!”

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He asked her to dance, and so they did. They danced and talked and laughed and flirted and had a really good time.

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Happy hour had begun, and the place was getting crowded so they moved their own private party to the chapel area. Janessa was so happy and giggly, she could barely contain herself. “It’s so fun hanging out with you! Why didn’t we do this when we were in school?”

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“I was afraid.”

That surprised her. “Of me?”

“In general. I wasn’t as sure of myself like I am now. I didn’t know that I could just walk up to you and start talking.”

“Would you like to be my boyfriend?”


“On what?”

“Am I going to be your exclusive boyfriend?”

“Aldo…,” she said in annoyance. “You know how I am and what I believe.”

“Yeah…yeah, I do. And, I don’t like it. I don’t want to share you with someone else!”

“What are you expecting me to do? I’m not going to change because you want me to. Isn’t that a bit selfish?”

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“To you it might be, but not to me.”

“Then we will have to agree to disagree, right?”

“I suppose,” he said in defeat.

“Ok.” She understood how he felt, but she didn’t want their differences to affect what they could potentially have together and decided to end the night before things escalated further. “I think we should call it a night. I had a great time, ok?” They stood up, and she planted a kiss on his lips.

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As they were breaking away from each other, he asked, “Will I see you tomorrow?”

“I’m hanging out with Salvatore tomorrow…I’m sorry.”

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She said goodbye and left him standing there confused and frustrated. He turned around and laughed at the irony of kissing a woman in front of a wedding arch whom he would like to marry but doesn’t want to be married. How can I make her understand?

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