9.55 Aldo’s Second Date

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One evening, Janessa was getting ready to go for a jog when she saw Aldo standing on the front porch.

“Aldo! What a surprise,” she said and kissed him.

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“I swear, you have the best greetings,” he said.

“Do you want to come in?”

“Sure, thanks.”

They walked inside and sat on the ottomans in the sitting room.

“So! What’s up,” Janessa asked.

“I want to take you out, but I see you were about to go for a run.”

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“Oh fun! I can run later. I worked out, like, three times already today.”

“Why do you work out so much? I think you’re perfect.”

“I dunno. It’s fun to me, I guess… So, where are we going?”

“Have you been to the Blue Velvet?”

“Actually, no!”

“Great! Let’s go there.”

“Ok. I’ll get changed.”

Janessa went and changed her clothes and then they were on their way to the club. When they first arrived, there weren’t many people there—just a couple of old ladies. Aldo wanted to sit and talk anyway, so it was perfect before the place got crowded and loud.

“You look beautiful, Janessa.”

“Thank you!”

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“Janessa…I have something I need to say to you.”

“Ok,” she said nervously.

“I know you don’t want to commit to one person, and I understand your reasons. But, will you allow me to present my case for why you should reconsider?”


“You always talk about spreading love and making everyone happy, and that’s honorable. However, I see it differently. I think that you would actually be hurting yourself by not having a constant in your life…it’s kinda arrogant too. You say that love is powerful, and I feel like you see yourself like the sun. The sun doesn’t get its power from anywhere, and it shines on century after century and doesn’t show any signs of burning out. But you’re not the sun, Janessa. You’re a beautiful, delicate flower who needs water, nourishment, and sunlight. We all are! Everyone needs someone who can care for them. But how do you get that care when there isn’t anyone there? When you have all these guys around, which one do you call when you’re sad? Do you go to a different one when you just want to be silent and snuggle on the couch? Which one can handle you when you’re angry? Your heart is so big, and I love that. But I think you’re setting yourself up for it to be crushed over and over again, and I don’t want that for you! You’re an angel, and you deserve to be cherished. If you were mine, I’d treasure you. I’d make sure you felt so loved you wouldn’t need to go find someone else. I’m sorry if I’m coming on kinda strong, but this is just what I feel for you. I…love you.”

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“Aldo…I…” She had so many thoughts going around in her head, she didn’t know what to feel. “I have to go. I’m sorry.” She got up and started to leave.

Aldo got up too. As much as he didn’t want her to leave, he knew had dumped a ten pound sack of potatoes on her and she would need some time to sort herself out. “Ok, I understand,” he said. “Take all the time you need, but will you promise me you’ll think about what I said?”

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