9.6 Grandma Viv

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“…and the girls are so beautiful. Janessa looks just like Callie when she was her age, and I think Juliette has Jeannette’s eyes. She definitely has her face. But they look so much alike! Heh, Julian hasn’t a clue about how to handle them, but she’s helping him through it. He reminds me of myself when I was pregnant with him and was terrified about your sister and family moving out and leaving me alone with this baby and the house and everything. I’m sure he’ll find his way just like I had to find my own way after they finally left. It’s strange seeing him in this light though; my baby has his own babies! It’s still weird to think about…well, I guess no stranger than him seeing his mother pregnant again at 21 years old. I love being a grandma though. I really can’t explain why. It’s just so much fun–especially while I’m still young. I know you would enjoy being a grandpa. It’s right up your family-loving alley…[sigh]…I love you, sugar bear. I miss you every day!”

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