9.64 It’s Not Fair

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“My mom died.”

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“I’m sorry.”

“It’s not fair! It’s just not fair! She only needed a few more days! I wanted her to be there when I propose to Skyla! I wanted her to help Skyla plan the wedding and do all the things that moms and daughters do! I wanted her to meet at least one grandkid! It’s just not fair, meatball!!”

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“I know. It sucks big time. I’m here for you though.”

“Thanks, man.”

“You wanna go inside and watch TV?”


[an hour later…]

“I had a brilliant idea a few days ago,” Jonathan said.

“What’s up?”

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“What if you helped me with the restaurant?”

“You’re gonna open it now?”

“No, but I’ll need someone I can trust to help me through the first few months. That’s the most critical time in the success of a restaurant. Will you do it?”

“Of course I will.”

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