A New Home

“…keep your eyes closed,” River commanded.

“Riv! I’m gonna trip over something.”

“No you won’t. I’ve got you, Bae! Just a few more steps….”

River guided her with one hand and wrapped his other arm around her waist to stabilize her as she waddled anxiously toward their new life. When they arrived at the house, he stopped walking.

“We’re here,” he said. “Are you ready?”


“Ok…open your eyes.”

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She opened her eyes and beheld their new home.

“Riv!! I love it!”

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“Do you really?”

“Of course I do!”

“Oh good. I know it’s not much, but we’ll get there.”

“Trust me…anything is better than living in that trailer with your mother!”

“Ha! Well…I know it wasn’t the ideal way to spend our first year of marriage, but it paid off! Right?”

“Yes, dear. You’re always so determined to make things work.”

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They stood outside of their new home for a little while taking in the scenery and quietly enjoying their first few moments of home ownership.

“Ooooh, the baby wants to eat…again. I’m going inside.”

“The baby wants to eat,” he incredulously asked.

“Don’t start with me.”

They both went inside. River parked in front of the TV while Melody fished up some lunch for them.

02-21-15_12-27 AM

“What are you making,” River asked.

“Fish tacos.”

“Oh joy,” he said sarcastically.

02-21-15_12-27 AM-3“Hey! If you want real food, go back to your mother. You’re the one who keeps bringing me all these fish!”

“I’m just messing with you, Bae. Chill out! Pregnancy sure does make you sensitive!”

“Well maybe you…nevermind.”

Melody finished their lunch and joined River on the couch.

02-21-15_12-30 AM

“Whoooooa, Mellie! Slow down! You’ll choke.”

“What did I say about calling me Mellie,” she yelled with her mouth full.

“What’s wrong with Mellie? It’s a perfect good nickname.”

“It’s country! And you only use it when you’re making fun of me. I don’t like it!”

02-21-15_12-29 AM-2

“[sigh] You’re no fun when you’re pregnant. I hope these last three months zoom by.”

“If you keep messing me with me, you’ll spend these last three months in the baby’s room!”

“Ok, ok, ok! No need for cruel and unusual punishment. I’m sorry! No more Mellie or jokes about you eating like a hungry llama.”

“And no more talking about my cooking!”

“And no more talking about your cooking.”

02-21-15_12-30 AM-2

They sat in silence as Melody attempted to eat her lunch not like a hungry llama, but she couldn’t help it. She was a glutton and really loved to eat although she blamed her ravenous appetite on the baby.

“So,” River said, breaking the silence, “what do you want the baby to be?”

“A boy.”

“Really? Why?”

“Because I like boys,” she said coyly.

“Ohhhh! The boys like you too,” he flirted.

02-21-15_12-31 AM

“You should eat something,” she said. “I need a tour of the bedroom.”

“One personal tour of the love den coming right up!”

02-21-15_12-33 AM

River got up and grabbed a plate and ate so fast, he ate like a hungry llama. Melody just looked at him and shook her head as she cleaned up. Their two bedroom one bath house wasn’t much to look at, but it was theirs, and that’s all that mattered to her. No more invasion of privacy and constant criticism from her mother-in-law. Just happiness, love, and mirth with her husband. Life was perfect.


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