Alayna Unplugged

“Can I go first,” Callie asked Viviana.

04-10-15_7-50 PM

“Pregnant Sims always go first…excuse me,” Alayna said and waddled in front of Callie.

04-10-15_7-51 PM


“Just let her go, Cal. Sometimes it’s better to let someone else go first.”

“Oh. Well…you can go next then, mother.”

“Oh! Aren’t you sweet!”

04-10-15_7-52 PM

“You catch on quick, don’t you, kid,” Alayna said.

Some kind of way, Alayna went again before Callie even had her first turn; But Callie didn’t mind. She thought she was still being good. Alayna threw the horseshoe and missed…again.

04-10-15_7-53 PM


“Are you ok, Alayna?”

“Yeah. Stinkin’ thing never goes where I want it to.”

Callie was supposed to be up next, but Brady and Julian came outside to watch and distracted her…so Alayna took her turn.

“ARRRG!! Son of a plumming cow plant!!”

04-10-15_7-56 PM

“Alayna…your language,” Brady said through his teeth so the children wouldn’t hear.

“Daddy? What does plumming mean?”

04-10-15_7-56 PM-2

“He he…sorry guys,” Alayna said. “You can handle that, right?”

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