Another Renovation

One of my faithful readers (hi Mitch!) made a comment about the last renovation that started the wheels turning again. I asked for suggestions about the house, and he commented on all the changes I keep making. He said that because the house keeps getting passed down generation after generation, it’s ok if the house looks old…because it is! Very profound 🙂 Anyway, I decided to makeover the outside, not to make it look old, but to make it look less suburban and more stately…if that makes any sense.

I didn’t actually intend to do all I did. I went in build mode to change ONE thing, and several hours later the entire house changed. But, before I get to that big reveal, I want to share some other changes I made to the inside. I love a contemporary look, so I would never change the inside to look old…ick! I love houses that are old on the outside and updated on the inside, so that’s what the Pruett Estate is going to be from now on.

I was still toying with the downstairs hallway. The last changed looked more contemporary, but it still looked plain to me. I’m not sure if I’m married to this design, but I like it more than the other.

12-28-14_10-11 PM

It kinda has that whole Mission style going on. If I decide to go with this, then I’m going to update the den and living room as well to match this style. I increased the room height to medium, but some how I think this style would do better with even higher ceilings. I’ll play with it and let you know.

Although I’m liking this so far, it’s still kind of vanilla and “show home-ish.” So, if you go just around that corner…


12-28-14_10-04 PM

You’re in a world of color! This is the same hallway where the Christmas tree was. This space was just way too big for there to be nothing there, so I made it into a fourth hangout area. I was inspired by RachelRosebud‘s teal and fuchsia kitchen back in the beginning days of her blog, I just had to try it. I know it doesn’t completely work, but I kinda like it. The first thing I placed was the chairs–in that color. Then I decided that space was too sterile and cold with all that stone on the floor, so I placed a rug–dozens of them. At first I was going for a neutral color, but then I decided to go bold. The space was looking up, but it still looked plain. I started looking for a statue to place in that corner and stumbled upon Mr. WannabeWillyWonka lol. I was very happy to discover that one of his hats was the same color as the chairs. Lastly, I needed something for the walls. I was looking for color–any color! I remembered the painting of the llamas that Lance unlocked as a career reward and put that on the wall. I didn’t realize it until later, but it tied the entire room together with all those colors! Then I put up one of my other favorites, but I need to bring it down a little. There you have it! Now that I look at this, it’s very fitting for this generation. Teal and fuchsia, the colors of the prevailing moods in this house:  inspiration and playfulness. Oh yeah…it totally works!

Ok…without further ado, I give you the new new Pruett Estate!

12-29-14_7-51 PM12-29-14_7-50 PM12-29-14_7-52 PM-212-29-14_7-53 PM

What do you think? I think it has a little southern charm.

The Chapel
Fare Thee Well, 2014

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